So I want to start a club at my high school. Maybe called the Student Orginization of Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, and Secularism. Or something shorter than that because thats really long.

My primary concern regarding starting this club is not school policy (we have a bible club so they have to let me... right?), but getting enough students involved. I can think of three people besides myself that are atheist, and a few more agnostics, etc. Obviously I would try facebook, but how elses should I go about gathering members? I want to make sure we have enough members before we go to the trouble of forming a club.

Anyone whos done something similar or just has advice, please reply :) .

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we have a bible club so they have to let me... right?


Just to confirm this for you (in case you need this information later).  YES, they DO have to let you.  Under the Federal Equal Access Act of 1984, if a school allows any student-run group, they must allow ALL student run groups.  So the only legal way they could prevent you from having an atheist club would be to forbid ALL extra-curricular clubs, student associations, etc.


If you have any trouble getting this done, get in touch with me.  I have the knowledge and credentials to back down your principal and I'd be happy to do so if you need it :)

Thanks :)! I had heard of the Federal Equal Acess Act, but was unsure on the details :) Im going to get the details for school policy on starting a club tomorrow, and ask around for members and stuff.
I'd also recommend contacting the Secular Student Alliance, who can provide advice and support in creating your group.
I tried to do the same within my school. We have a good portion of Atheists, Agnostics and people who just like discussing it, I'd say about 20 at most but thats a lot for a conservative city. Only problem is a teachers room must be used for club meetings. No teachers would allow their room to be subject to a group like this. The Philosophy Club teacher is very New Age and mostly just spiritualistic but did not think the club would be attainable. Our last liberal teacher whom I was very fond of retired so stuck with evangelicals and moderates. We used facebook and conversation so they could be useful methods. Hope you have better luck then we did!
I can think of a secularist agnostic type teacher I am freindly with, so that shouldnt be a problem.  I am used to complaining to school admin, so if all else fails I will just write an editorial about it in the newspaper lol.

Chalking is a really cool idea! I wish we could do that, but its spring here in the Pacific Northwest an d that means allloooottt of rain.

The purpose of our club would be to have discussions, promote secularism, dispel misconceptions about non-theists, possibly have discussions with the Bible Study Club, and maybe go on feild trips or something.

The more I think about it, the more I am realizing that I would be the only one doing anything for the club...


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