Hide your face and weep, if you dare to harm a child.

I am royally, supremely pissed off. George Zimmerman was acquitted on the grounds of self defense for shooting the UNARMED Trayvon Martin. Here's the story. Trayvon, 17, 158lbs, was walking down the street in the dark and in the rain. He's holding nothing but a bag of skittles and a bottle of tea. Should he have been there? Probably not,but it's not illegal. George Zimmerman, 28, 200lbs, and the head of the neighborhood watch, sees Trayvon and calls 911, to report a suspicious person. This is where George's responsibility ends. The cops are on the way, and George is in his own vehicle where he should have stayed. Then, with the 911 operator still on the line, George grabs his gun, gets out of his vehicle, follows Trayvon, confronts him, provokes him, and shoots him in the chest at near point blank range. He then has the audacity to claim that it was self defense.

Lets look at the facts, George is 200lbs, while Trayvon is 158lbs. George has a 40lb weight advantage. George also has a membership at a mixed martial arts gym, so presumably he is capable of defending himself without a gun. Trayvon is a black kid growing up in the south, so he's likely learned some hard truths about walking alone at night. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to think that he might have panicked when he heard an angry voice yelling out at him in the dark and the rain. Trayvon wouldn't have been startled and wouldn't have attacked George had he stayed in his car and let the police deal with it, if it was indeed trayvon that threw the first punch. Even then, George shot and killed a 17 year old boy, still a child in the eyes of the law.

George Zimmerman initiated the confrontation, and pulled the trigger. THIS IS MURDER! You don't get to claim self defense if you are the one who started the fight. And it isn't self defense if you have a gun, and the other guy has A FUCKING BAG OF SKITTLES!!!!

I am disappointed. George Zimmerman is a child murderer, and they let him go, and gave him back his weapon. It is times like this that I am ashamed to live in this country, especially when certain people can claim that a man who shoots and kills an unarmed black child is a hero, that he did the right thing. No, I'm more than disappointed, I am disgusted.

I'm even more disgusted at the incompetence of the prosecution. Aparently, all it takes to get away with killing a child in this country is a prosecuter that's asleep at the wheel and a jury full of NRA Nutjobs, because who else would let and ASSHOLE like George FUCKING Zimmerman go.

Hide your face and weep if you dare to harm a child. ~Christopher Hitchens.

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Yes it does matter if Treyvon was wailing on Zimmerman. It IS what this case is about. Zimmerman doesn't lose his right to defend himself because he's an asshole (if that is in fact what he is). The prosecutors were idiots for trying Zimmerman for second degree murder when the major question in the case obviously was did Zimmerman behave in a reasonable manor when Treyvon Martin was beating him up. The jury decided he did. Was Zimmerman guilty because he got out of his truck thus allowing Martin to assault him? Really? Is that what your saying?

I'm saying, "Don't start shit, won't be shit." Zimmerman shot and killed a human fucking being and you are defending him. Death is inexcusable no matter what fucking reason you have. It is this realization that separated us from the tribal assholes who spend their free time "Killing infidels." Don't you dare try to say that Zimmerman wasn't responsible for the death of a human fucking being. If you feel you must shoot, there's a fucking kneecap, have at it. If you feel you're threatened, don't leave the safety of your goddamned car.

The unarmed, dead child is the fucking victim here, not the shooter.

And if you think you can't even agree with that, then stop posting because I'm not changing my mind on this.

To willingly cause the death, no matter the circumstances, of another human being without consent of that human being, is murder. PERIOD!

Shooting someone in self defense is not murder. What part of self defense do you not understand? You may be ethically and morally right but legally you're so wrong it isn't funny. We have the RIGHT to defend ourselves. If we fear we're about to be sent the hospital or worse it is our RIGHT to defend ourselves by any means available including shooting the attacker. So go ahead, spit on the law and tell me to shut up.

You're still forgetting that the six foot "child" was in the process of committing a felony when he was shot.

Not under Florida law.   He was standing his ground against an armed aggressor who had been stalking him and was advancing on him without cause.

We have the RESPONSIBILITY to avoid situations in which that is neccesary. Zimmerman had the opertunity to examine the situation and refused to do the resposible thing. He intentionally put himself in a position in which he knew he might need a gun, and he wound up killing a child. His irresponsibility cost a human life. He confronted a stranger with a weapon on his person. He did so in a threatening manner, shouting and yelling at the stranger. What did he expect to happen?

I have to admit I have heard nothing about a recording of Zimmerman yelling at Martin. I tried to do a Google search and found nothing. Can someone point me to a news story about this? 

OK, I can find nothing. You would think this would be big news. So we will deal with this the Think Atheist way. H3xx, give me some proof that there is a recording of Zimmerman cursing at Martin. 

On March 29, 2012, an eyewitness referred to as a male said that he saw two men on the ground scuffling, then heard the shooting, and saw Zimmerman walk away with no blood on him.[153][154] The witness later appeared on CNN AC360 referred to as a female, giving more details on her account. She pointed out that she heard an argument between a younger and an older voice. During the time that she witnessed the incident, the scuffling happened on the grass. She said that the larger man, who walked away after the gunshot, was on top and that it was too dark to see blood on his face.[155]

This is not about a recording of Zimmerman cursing at Martin.

There is another eyewitness that said Treyvon was on Top of Zimmerman and it was Zimmerman who yelled for help. The coroner said that Treyvon was shot leaning over Zimmerman. So we have conflicting eyewitnesses and a pretty solid coroner's report. What's your point?

I don't believe there is any evidence of a confrontation between Zimmerman and Martin. No one saw what led up to the fight. In Zimmerman's account he says after the 911 call he checked an address and was headed back to his truck when Martin jumped him. Of course we don't know if he was telling the truth, but it's possible. Strike first and all that. If there is evidence that Zimmerman approached Treyvon cursing and yelling I'd still like to see it.

I believe there was evidence enough for manslaughter. Especially how the stand your ground laws affected the jury selection.http://youtu.be/QPZUdGulKyo

 Right, When in doubt MAKE CRAP UP!

Thanks for showing everyone what you truly are. You have no credibility, so why don't you shut your own damn posts up!

This is the last I have to say on the subject. This guy can say it better than I can:


I haven't made anything up, everything I've posted is true according to my interpretation of the evidence, if you think otherwise, go make your own post. This thread is about me being pissed off at people who support the murderer over the victim. It's purely opinion.

I'm not posting anything for your benefit, the only reason I'm posting anything at all is because I felt strongly about the situation and You come along telling me I should be glad the child is dead and the murderer got off. Screw you, go bother someone else.


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