Hi, welcome to hell, a message you people should probably get used to hearing.

This is in response to our video :]

Hi, welcome to hell, a message you people should probably get used to hearing.

oh and just one more thing...you people may claim that you're right persisting in your atheist beliefs, but i have news for you, did you ever prepare for the chance if you are wrong.....it will be an ugly hot day in hell for each one of you. enjoy your little cup of coffee, they don't serve drinks in hell.


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Why wouldn't they serve drinks in hell?!?!
Plus I'm sure we have a few bartenders on here that can mix us a few drinks in hell. lol
Will there be a line though?? I hate when I can't shoulder my way to the bar :-(

Can I get my drink order in now?
Perhaps we could share a piece of humble pie when you join us in hell.
If I hear the "what if you're wrong" argument one more time...

...I'll sit here peaceably and prove atheists can have more dignity than the religious theists who come to our websites to tell us we're going to burn in hell. :-)
If I'm wrong.....

I'll see you at party!
The human race has been selecting for "belief". For thousands of years delusional people have been killing those who do not accept their delusions and thereby eliminating the nonbelievers from the gene pool. Just as we breed dogs to exhibit certain behavioral traits, religious people are breeding for religious belief.
OMG holy shit! I didn't know that! I'm going to church this weekend!

I can't live without drinks!!!!!!11 NOES!!!
I hope that he enjoys his time as a mead server in Valhalla if he's wrong. :D
Calm down ladies and gents. Not only have I been a damn good bartender, I was also a talented barista, too!
We got this covered!
Knew we could count on you, Misty. :)
You're thinking, "This coffee isn't warm anymore."


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