O hai! It's nice to meet you. I've been checking out the forum for a couple weeks and thought it was time for me to introduce myself. I'm an atheist, though I suffered the agony of becoming a baptized and confirmed Catholic in my youth at my parents' request insistence. However, I've never believed in God (or Vishnu or Odin or Hathor or Ra for that matter). I enjoy attempting to get people to see the flaws in their religious arguments and can sometimes be an asshole about it, but the intent is to help people see. Reality. I am hugely fascinated by the psychology of religion. I don't at all mind being told I'm wrong, in fact it's way more interesting than being told I'm right, so please do so.

About me:

I love traveling.
I love sushi.
I love laying in bed on a rainy Sunday morning.
I love snow days.
I love navratan korma.
I love the beach in the moonlight.
I love autumn.
I love sweaters.
I love sharing things with someone special.
I am interested in non-profit organizations, especially community development programs.
I am interested in legislation.
I am interested in football.
I am interested in photography.
I am interested in what you have to say.
I used to be a gymnast.
I hike a lot.
I've done the Half Dome trail in Yosemite, but didn't make it up the cables.
I want to see Machu Picchu next.
I enjoy good food.
My favorite movie is Poltergeist.
My favorite color is red, no blue! Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Actually, it's purple.
I have the international sign for "Tell me about your screwed up relationship" tattooed on my forehead (apparently).
I'm fascinated by the paranormal, though I don't buy into it.
I could listen to Jimi Hendrix on repeat.
I am owned by a mini-dog and two cats.

I look forward to discussions with you all. :)

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Welcome to T|A Stacy!

BTW, Love the Monty Python reference. :)
Oh really?! Remind me to talk to you about it. :P
Here, let me get a mop. You dripped sarcasm all over the place.
It's funny, but as I typed that I imagined your response to be pretty much exactly that.
I got this problem with my girlfriend...
welcome aboard, Stacy
Hi Stacy, welcome to Think Athiest. Catch you round. Jin-oh.
Heya Stacy, welcome to the site
Cool tattoo, let me know when you have some time and some Kleenex - jk, all is well with that biz-ness, I found myself an atheist! Welcome to a very cool place, your brain will be appreciated here.
I don't at all mind being told I'm wrong, in fact it's way more interesting than being told I'm right, so please do so.

You're wrong!

I hope you enjoyed that. ;-)
Welcome to the site & your little dog too!


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