I'm new to Think Atheist but not forums in general. I run a forum of my own called Happy Atheist Forum and also help moderate a friend's forum. In addition to forums I also organize Freethinkers of Dallas and co-organize Freethinkers of Fort Worth (both groups can be found on meetup.com)

I was raised Christian but moved away from those views as I learned more about the faith and what is in the Bible. Dabbling in various other religions I eventually found myself in a position of having no religious beliefs.

I think it is horrible that atheists can't just be themselves in many parts of the world and I want to do what I can to try to help change that.

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Thank you. Yes..sometimes too busy.
I just recently visited DFW. This is completely irrelevant...but have you ever been to The Church?
Yes....the North Texas Church of Freethought? I've been to the services a couple times and am involved (participate in) with their Women's group. I'm not much of a morning person so I miss the 'services' more often than I go. It's really lectures and fun presentations....nothing like you'd think when you hear the word church. Great people!
Welcome Whitney. Glad to have you with us.
Thanks :)
Welcome to T|A. It's good to have you here!
Thank you.

I just noticed that...gasp...there are no smilies here.
Welcome to the site, Whitney!
Thanks for the welcome, Dave.
Hello! I'm new here, too. Good to see an atheist from Texas.
Hey, thank you. Are you from Texas too? There are actually quite a few of us here.
There are tons of atheists in Texas. Seriously, all the forums I've been to have been full of Texans.



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