Hi everyone,
I am not sure how I found this site. I was searching on google about something and there you were. I was raised Catholic but as I got older I realized it was just not true. It peeled away in layers and I think I am still shedding some of it....it's a process.

I used to not tell people I was an atheist and a lot of my Christian friends are now trying to save me. I had a heated discussion with a friend recently on facebook when she was congratulating Miss California for being honest. I can not think how a Christian who follows the ten commandments ....(isn't vanity a sin) should be commended for honesty when it seems to me she is a hypocrit and discriminates.

We got into a heated debate about the seperation of church and state and it seemed she was most upset because the word marriage is in the bible. I find that I get so angry with people who are so ignorant to base their lives on a bunch of crap in some book that makes no sense. I am finding that I am less and less tolerant. I have known this woman for many years and I am not sure if I even care if she speaks to me again. I feel so judged based on my not believing in god. I just can not believe that grown ups can fall for what is clearly a fairy tale.

She told me she did not know how she could get up each day if she did not believe she would see her dead father in heaven. I told her that it would be great if that were true but that fear of death is not a good enough reason to believe something that completely lacks evidence.

She ended it with agreeing to disagree. I feel that she thinks I am something she scraped off her shoe. Seriously....if I believed that crap and wanted to continue to believe it, being with people like me who openly think its a fairy tale probably is not condusive of prolonging the fantasy.

Anyway thanks for listening to my drivel lol

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Heya Becky, welcome to the site!

Thinking is a dangerous habit, one which we encourage more of. :)
One of the best ways to know you've won a debate is when the other person says something about agreeing to disagree. It means they've got nothin' and they want you to stop backing them into a corner.
You might be right about "agreeing to disagree."

But what else do you say, when you're trying to stay civil, and you've realized you're arguing with an idiot who is not going to budge? Using the term "agree to disagree" seems to be one of the few phrases I've figured out that allows me to walk away with actually admitting defeat.
I agree. Also, when loved ones are questioning you and you don't feel like trying to explain to grandma why her beliefs are totally wrong, agreeing to disagree might just be the best course of action.


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