Hi everyone,
I am not sure how I found this site. I was searching on google about something and there you were. I was raised Catholic but as I got older I realized it was just not true. It peeled away in layers and I think I am still shedding some of it....it's a process.

I used to not tell people I was an atheist and a lot of my Christian friends are now trying to save me. I had a heated discussion with a friend recently on facebook when she was congratulating Miss California for being honest. I can not think how a Christian who follows the ten commandments ....(isn't vanity a sin) should be commended for honesty when it seems to me she is a hypocrit and discriminates.

We got into a heated debate about the seperation of church and state and it seemed she was most upset because the word marriage is in the bible. I find that I get so angry with people who are so ignorant to base their lives on a bunch of crap in some book that makes no sense. I am finding that I am less and less tolerant. I have known this woman for many years and I am not sure if I even care if she speaks to me again. I feel so judged based on my not believing in god. I just can not believe that grown ups can fall for what is clearly a fairy tale.

She told me she did not know how she could get up each day if she did not believe she would see her dead father in heaven. I told her that it would be great if that were true but that fear of death is not a good enough reason to believe something that completely lacks evidence.

She ended it with agreeing to disagree. I feel that she thinks I am something she scraped off her shoe. Seriously....if I believed that crap and wanted to continue to believe it, being with people like me who openly think its a fairy tale probably is not condusive of prolonging the fantasy.

Anyway thanks for listening to my drivel lol

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Thinkin' is the first step, so you probably are an atheist. It's our bad habit. Thinkin', you know. Welcome to the site.
Welcome to T|A, and congrats for having the courage to THINK!
Thinking is bad and God will judge you!
I'm just kidding, glad you found the site, I hope you enjoy it.
Hi Becky!! First of all, welcome. This site will do wonders for you... lots of ranting and reasoning going on here :).

Secondly. You're not alone. Not even a little bit. I know there are lots of others who are "coming out" atheist, and I'm still in the process myself. It's really, extremely difficult because it puts a strain on almost all my relationships. I sometimes I feel like I'm making a choice between my family and my principles. What's more important? I'm not sure. What I've found, though, is that there are absolutely amazing relationships to be formed on this site... ones that are more fulfilling than any I've had previously where I was always either faking or fighting with my reasoning as though it were the Devil himself.

Yeah... it's just such a relief to be among rational people that you don't have to hide anything from.

Hello. My name is Cara Coleen and I'm an atheist; I've been "clean" for a year.
Hi Bec ky, You could not have put in better and more simpler. I was born in to a Jewish family, myself and one brother are atheists and the other brother is religous. I went to a convent during the war and did not know which were of any denomiation and we did not care. After having been bought up to make my own decisions I feel I am a much better person for this.

My father is not in heaven he is here in my memories and in photos all around the house.
Believe what you wish and no one should treat you badly for your views.
A report has just been published that to believe without question, as the Church wants you to in their preachings, you are more likely to be unintelligent. After all the bible and the Koran want us stoned to death, who wants to believe in that.
Good luck and pleased to meet you.
Thanks so much for the warm welcome. It is nice to know there is a place I can come where people understand me, and do not look down on me for using my brain. Incidentally it is more logical to believe that if there was a god he would reward people for using our brains to the fullest extent.
Im also new to this as well.
I have a sitation very similiar to yours, Becky.
I was raised a catholic, then changed to more of an anglican approach ( through mum).

I have also come to peel the layers off and realise that i believe more in truth and human compassion rather than a set of rigid rules that end up making you feel worthless and not in control of your life.

thank you for having the guts to write what you feel rather than what you have been tought to think.

i never thought i would find people with the a similair mind to me. I suppose its becuase i have been kept in the dark for so long. now i am a free thinking individual that wants to make a difference in this world for me and all humanity, and not becuae a ' god' tells me its the right thing to do.
the truth is that even if the god that people are afraid of and bow down to did exist I would not worship such a vindictive creature. It is sort of like people who keep in a relationship with an abusive parent after they become adults
Hi Becky,

Welcome to T/A! :)

I have been a life long atheist, never being indoctrinated in any religion. I must say that I completely agree with the fact that, even if "god" of the bible or koran were true, I too, would still not worship such a jackass. To me, it would be the equivalent of worshipping their satan. Hell, sometimes I wonder if satan is actually the good guy after learning about the all powerful god.

I am more moral then any of the abrahamic gods and so is everyone else on this site.

Congratulations on being able to use your noggin. Yeaaa!
Welcome to the site!

Gotta watch that thinking there Becky, it scares the christians!

Well done! :D
Hi Konquererz,

I totally agree with your assessment of people who look down upon atheists. However, I disagree about pitying them. Perhaps I'm a bit cynical, but I don't think they deserve pity. It's not like they don't have a choice in the matter.


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