I'm new to the site, at first I joined only to correct someone about Christian morality but I think I'll stay to see what some (not all) atheist think about everything. So yeah, I'm here to see the "culture" I guess and what are the trends in thought among at-least some atheist and when I decide I can, correct misunderstandings in Christian principle and I like the chat-room, so you might see me use it. Alright cool, thanks for reading and if you have any questions about the Christian faith, I'd be happy to answer em if I can.

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I can tell the questions won't die down anytime soon, I'll be back tomorrow or another time. Thanks for asking but I'm gonna take a break. A lot of typing and thinking and I have an essay to do too, so ttyl people.

I sometimes feel like we're (TA members) vultures circling in the hot air of religion and waiting for a victim to expose themselves on the desert of logic and reason.

:^ )

Well, we were invited to ask questions weren't we?

Most atheists that used to be theists know that questions are often the first step to critical thinking and thus the liberation from the delusion of theism. As such, I think that most of the questions here are with good intent, these are mostly questions that people have asked themselves and others without ever receiving a satisfying (or coherent) answer.

But I get what you mean, of course. It is a kind of fitting description ;)

I don't have the television hooked up, so threads like these serve as my Maury Povich. Next up is "I ain't yo baby diety" followed by "Makeovers with Jesus: Cross-dressing edition".

Hi Israel, good to have you. I've got some questions for you too.

1) You quote the bible, how accurate is the Bible in regards to god's words?

2) If you're a fallible human, how would you know the answer to step 1 with any reasonable amount of certainty?

3) God is apparently the creator of everything, but you seem to think that you know what resides in god's mind, heart and thoughts, can you explain how you do that?

Apropos Dr. Grixis' first question:  which translation of the bible do you favor, Israel?

1) This question can be split into two questions.

a. How accurate is the Bible from its original writings? My answer is, I'd believe its fairly accurate as far as I've looked into it. Manuscripts.

b. Is the Bible God's word? Yes, I believe its God's word. I had a miracle happen to me.

2) My answer to that is actually my testimony. When I was a teenager I thought that SAME exact thing which is what led me to the conclusion that God himself would have to help me see his existence. In short, I asked for a miracle, a vision, and I got one.

3) I don't remember saying he creates everything. (created everything is right) But... creates my thoughts (if thats what your saying), I didn't say that. But, to give an answer on how to possibly know what the Christian God thinks... Bible.

Welcome to the site Israel.  You should probably understand that several members are former theists who have studied the principles of the christian, and other, religions, and found them to be lacking in evidence and coherence.

Have fun. 

Hi there Israel,

Is it true that Christians and Atheists will rise from the dead and become immortal at some future day of judgement? Does that mean that all those that died during the last 2000 years are still in their graves or have some already been judged? I am asking because I hear many Christians talking about the dead already being in Heaven yet the Day of Judgement has not yet arrived? I have heard them say it is possible it could be soon. Anyway if they are not yet judged then where are their souls?

When you are praying do you have an actual conversation with your god. I mean do you hear his voice when you pray?  The ability to actually speak with the creator of the Universe must be amazing.  Has anyone ever said what his voice sounds like?  

I have often heard it said that your god has plans made for everyone. If he has set in motion a plan for Christians and everything that happens to them is by his will then why Christians pray to get him to change his mind. If you god allows a child to catch a disease it must be part of a bigger plan so why ask to cure the child?

Hey Reg

I don't know too much about revelations. Wouldn't be able to give an answer I could be confident about.

No, I haven't heard God's voice. However, I've received answers. If your trying to be sarcastic, you might not get replies from me. I don't appreciate that kind of attitude.

Why would a Christian pray to get God to change his mind?: Free-will, being social.

It could be a part of God's plan. I might ask God to cure the kid, because with my free-will and mind... I might like to see things differently.

Hey Israel, 

I could be wrong but I think a majority of folks here actually come from a christian background and many are extremely well-versed in it.    You will find that its not because of a lack of proper understanding of christian principles that has brought them to this place.  

If you are looking to 'save' people here because you think they don't have the 'proper' christian understanding or you think that they never really experienced the 'spirit'  then I think you might be barking up the wrong tree.   

You will find people here from almost every kind of background...some that may even echo your own.

Be prepared to 'step outside the box'.  Be prepared to question.....everything.  

Welcome to TA






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