I'm new to the site, at first I joined only to correct someone about Christian morality but I think I'll stay to see what some (not all) atheist think about everything. So yeah, I'm here to see the "culture" I guess and what are the trends in thought among at-least some atheist and when I decide I can, correct misunderstandings in Christian principle and I like the chat-room, so you might see me use it. Alright cool, thanks for reading and if you have any questions about the Christian faith, I'd be happy to answer em if I can.

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I don't know about it, I'll look it up and get back to you tho

I'll hold you to that, and look forward to it.

Okay, Israel, here’s your chance to explain Christianity to me.  Let’s play 20 questions.  

question #1: Exactly how is your “Magic Man in the Sky” different from Santa Claus, given that they both perform superhuman feats?  Neither is supported by even a modicum of empirical evidence (except maybe for those presents under the tree, Xmas morning).  Both are the manifestations of childlike wishful thinking (either toys or eternal life).

question #s 2 through 7:  How tall is God?  How male? How old?  What color?  What language does He speak?  Where is He, right now?

question #s 8 through 10: How many prayers does he hear in  a day?  How many of those does He answer?  How come He refuses to grant the prayers of so many sufferers, worldwide? 

question #s11 through 15: Is God omnipotent?  Is He omniscient?  Is he omnibenevolent?  Can He be all three?  HOW is that even possible, unless the enormous amount of terrible suffering in the world is a result of God’s peculiar conception of benevolence?

question #s 16 though 19:  Does God eat?  Does He pee and poop?  Does He float?  Does He sleep?

question 20:  Is the Bible literally inerrant?  If you try to convince me it is, be prepared for a 100 question assault, next time.

caveat:  if you are planning to explain Christianity purely in terms of “faith” as implied in your comment, I would like to introduce you to Jumbo - an elephant sitting in an easy chair in my living room, sipping a mint julip and watching “The Big Bang Theory.”  He and I both think Jim Parsons is a scream.  Oh, yes, I know Jumbo can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched; but I know he’s there because I have FAITH.  And if I have faith that Jumbo is real, so must you.  Sure, maybe I'm joking, but my joke is no funnier than yours.   

I sincerely hope you respond to each of these questions, in turn.  It should supply me with many hours of rhetorical delight.     


Here's what you said "I sincerely hope you respond to each of these questions, in turn.  It should supply me with many hours of rhetorical delight."

Based off that, your last sentences, I don't think I'm going to answer your questions. You just want to make a joke out of me.

God Bless you tho and I forgive you

Hey Israel, answer what you want to answer. You can choose.

Which "christian principles", baptist, methodist, presbyterian, catholic, mormon, branch davdian, people's temple, lutheran, anglican, pentacostal? What about pre-tribulation/post-tribulation, eternal security, the elect, predestination, the 144,000 from the tribes of israel, the trinity, young earth/old earth, heaven/hell/purgatoty. Do you have the CORRECT explanations?

God's principles, I'm not part of a denomination but if you want to somewhat get an idea on how I believe.. I'm a pentecostal that doesn't see as the gift of tongues as necessary for salvation. I know some groups of Pentecostals believe that.

I just want to correct what I know, mostly simple things like forgiveness and anything else I know.

Oh I see. You're not a baptist, methodist, presbyterian, catholic, etc. You've made up your own religion that is sort of pentacostal-lite. So why is your religion the best one?

On a related note, if the bible is the perfect, divinely inspired word of god, why are there not any two theists who agree on what it says?

Hi, Israel - I would like to know, why three of the bigger religions are basically the same, and are all fighting over the same piece of land - bloodshed for hundreds of years -when all three religions spout love and joy and happy days -  is that just a coincidence because they just pilfered stories from each other - brawn is mightier than brain - and in christianity, when people read the same book, they get differing views of it, and if they don't like what they read, they change it, or start their own brand.  If it is the word of god, how do christians decide what they will follow, and not follow.

What religion are your parents? Why did they call you Israel.

Why do all religions, when it all boils down, rule by fear.

Yeah, and what Tim said :)

2 years later. LOL I'm sorry

Anyways, I don't think I made up a religion.

Why won't thiests agree. Think about how vague that word is. (the word thiest) And think about Free-will, with all its glory and errors.

Also, think about "if" God and the Devil existed, wouldn't it make sense that the the devil could make false religions against the one true God.

Your last question was really bad. I'd advise you to look over it closely.

I can tell the questions won't die down anytime soon, I'll be back tomorrow or another time. Thanks for asking but I'm gonna take a break. A lot of typing and thinking and I have an essay to do too, so ttyl people.

I sometimes feel like we're (TA members) vultures circling in the hot air of religion and waiting for a victim to expose themselves on the desert of logic and reason.

:^ )


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