I'm new to the site, at first I joined only to correct someone about Christian morality but I think I'll stay to see what some (not all) atheist think about everything. So yeah, I'm here to see the "culture" I guess and what are the trends in thought among at-least some atheist and when I decide I can, correct misunderstandings in Christian principle and I like the chat-room, so you might see me use it. Alright cool, thanks for reading and if you have any questions about the Christian faith, I'd be happy to answer em if I can.

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archy, you must miss her! she really was hot that is agreeable

You got THAT right, shame she was so indoctrinated --

The reason aids exist is because a man had sex with an animal. Gods word says not to have sex with animals but some people out there have and now we have aids.

Seriously?  You do know that HIV is transmitted in blood, semen and saliva, right?  And that men hunted monkeys for food.  And this made the monkeys quite cross, and when they could they would bite their hunters? And when the monkeys died, there was monkey blood around, and that sometimes the men became contaminated?

But no - your priests have advised you that it was none of these things, it was men having sex with monkeys that brought AIDS.  How utterly ridiculous.  It alarms me that you have not thought this through.  You seem to think AIDS is a reflection of your deity's will; a punishment of some kind for sexual deviancy.

Bubonic plague covered much of the world from the 5th to the 15th centuries, allegedly also as part of your deity's design.  This was a cross-infection from rats.  Do you imagine men had sex with rats?

Why is your faith so incredibly hung up on sex?  You don't have to involve sex to make rules about being good and kind and all that moral stuff.

ps. do the bible authors really feel it was necessary to advise men that they shouldn't have sex with animals, or is it some deep interpretation of a general remark? What about incest?  Seems that was positively encouraged at the alleged beginning.

Well, it may well be that AIDS was passed to the human race through "shagging green monkeys".  Or possibly through Serge Voronoff transplanting monkey testicles into human beings.  Or something equally inadvisable, obviously.  

However.  This does show up a maddening flaw in Israel's philosophy.  I know that neither side is here to convert the other, but this kind of thing drives me "nuts".  

It's not legitimate to lump in AIDS, child abuse, rape etc. with pre-marital sex.  Pre-marital sex does not cause these things by itself.  When doing philosophical thinking we have to separate out the various issues, otherwise everything gets confused.  

Genesis 2:24

24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Exodus 20:14

14 You shall not commit adultery.

Even if you agree with these statements, they do not specify no pre-marital sex.  This is something which has been bolted on afterwards by a woman-controlling, sex-fearing church.  

Israel, I appreciate that you don't want to see women as sex objects.  I agree that this is a good principle.  In the modern age we have feminism, which has made this issue a central theme of its study, and advanced the knowledge a long way, so that we all have a better handle on it now.  

If you're all highly-strung and hung up on this issue, I put it to you that you need to have some fun and get better acquainted with women sexually - not necessarily "all the way" - not necessarily anything - and then you will be able to relax.  Pre-marital sexual behaviour does not equal abuse or objectification of women.  I rather think that unnaturally restricting sexual behaviour produces this effect.  Just look at some Arab countries, where a woman can be pursued through the streets if her ankle is showing.  

Having said that, I respect your decision and if it works for you, of course that's fine.  I do think it's rather sad.  I have a friend who waited a very long time, and I just wish she hadn't, for her sake, it makes me sad.  I have another devoutly Christian friend who "goes for it", while respecting herself, and I think she is sensible. 

Total abstinence always works.  If I don't eat food, I won't get poisoned.  If I don't go outside, I won't catch a cold. And so on. 

Isn't there a case where you can have sex without objectifying and somehow abusing your partner?  We have a funny little term for that - we call it 'moral self-moderation'. 

Incidentally, I have it on good authority that malaria was introduced by a man having sex with a mosquito.

Oh my oh my Strega ....Incidentally, I have it on good authority that malaria was introduced by a man having sex with a mosquito......that is just so interesting!

Aids came from unsanitary practices in the african "Bush meat" trade. Who told you that Aids came from sex with animals, was it your bible or Glen beck? Are you a child? That's the feeling I get from reading your writings.

It is a common belief. That's kind of where I thought it came from.

I'm sure he's young, Hank, but likely not a child - but what if he were? If his head is being stuffed with Christian crap, shouldn't he be allowed to see that there's another side of the coin?

We've got 25 pages of basically junk over whether or not we should write precisely, can't we afford to spend a little time with this kid, who seems to really want to understand who we are and where we're coming from and has the courage to come on here and talk to us? I can.

I certainly wouldn't fault anyone over their age. If he is a child then I would understand the thing about people doing monkeys, or how he could write off any one who sits outside his narow understanding of sexuality as being a "defect". I deeply hope he is a child, it's a rather valid excuse for ignorance.  

He mentioned having an essay to write, so he must be in upper High School or possibly college, but he admitted to having been raised Pentecostal, which is a very strict Christian sect in which members have been known to roll around on the floor of the church, speaking in "tongues," meaning to anyone else, incoherent babble, so one must imagine him emerging from such a severe brainwashing, into the real world - it takes time, and hopefully understanding, if one can find it, to acclimate. All I'm saying, is treat him with as much courtesy as he presents to us, and so far, he has been extremely courteous and respectful.

A young person only regurgitates the crap he's been fed. Fortunately for me, I read e. e. cummings, who wrote, "There is some shit I will not eat!"

@Hank - Exactly - That is, what they think, the eating of "Bush Meat" is the reason for aids, and still practiced today.  It is some demented, probably xian, who started this, having sex with a monkey tripe. 

@onyano - Ha, ha, Malaria was introduced by a man having sex with a mosquito - if they could have actually got away with that statement, they would have spread that far and wide, so to speak :)

As with most xians, pre-occupied with who is doing what to whom, and once again, fitting the truth into codswallop.


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