Hello all. I tried joining Twitter recently only to find no-one I knew was on there but I found you. I've been meaning to sign up for ages. I am often found debating fundamentalist Christians on Answers and tonight I saw the best question ever! Am bursting to share it with people who would appreciate it so headed here! I'd give you the link but it was deleted very quickly.


Why do Atheists expect me to believe their Lies about the origin of life and Evolution?

We all know that atheists insist on using complex terminology such as DNA to argue that our bodies are full of it and it proves evolutionism.

But really, what does that mean?
My pastor has told me that it's an Acid. Have you ever seen what happens when we put something in acid?
It Melts!

If our bodies was full of this Acid that directs evolution, we'd all melt. and since we aren't melting, I thus conclude that our body doesn't have this acid.
Honestly, Atheists make me laugh sometimes with their ridiculous suggestions.

Why do Atheists lie to support satan's work to make everyone worship evolution?

Educate yourself please
Is this not a new low! Maybe its not. I'm English and I have been talking to some American atheists on Answers and I am constantly amazed at the level of ignorance they have to put up with!
Anyway - Hello, everyone! I'll go and have an explore.

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Helen,welcome to Think Atheist and there's no need to apologize for other peoples stupidity from not being able to read what you clearly wrote,they are the ones I hope, that will apologize to you when they actually read what you said after jumping down your throat,what a way to welcome a new member(tuts)perhaps they are the ones who should of taken more notice in english lessons as well, isn't it Ronny lol 

Lol, thanks.:)

It was clear enough to me, too.  Welcome!

This is so funny! I wonder if you have ever taken biology classes at high school?


Basic Biology of DNA

DNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid, which is the genetic material present in the cells of all living organisms. DNA is the fundamental building block for an individual's entire genetic makeup. A person's DNA is the same in every cell (with a nucleus). The DNA in a person's blood is the same as the DNA in their skin cells, semen, and saliva.
DNA is comprised of four building blocks called bases. The building blocks are: Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine, Adenine. These are commonly referred to as C, G, T, A. It is the order (sequence) of these building blocks that determines each person's genetic characteristics.


Where is DNA contained in the body?


DNA is contained in blood, semen, skin cells, tissue, organs, muscle, brain cells, bone, teeth, hair, saliva, mucus, perspiration, fingernails, urine, feces, etc.


I hope this helps : )



So, then, going by this logic, wouldn't our own stomach acid eat us all up too? LOL

Thank you for sharing! I love it when they give us ammo like this. It only makes it more concrete in my mind how under educated and willing to believe anything your typical Christian can be.

Not only does this person not understand the human body and how it is full of all different kinds of chemicals - acids included- but it is my opinion that they completely misinterpreted what their pastor said to them. Just based on the information provided above, I think that their pastor meant that DNA was an acid in both the figurative sense and the literal. That it was corrosive to their beliefs, as well as a substance that was considered to be, chemically, an acid; a point that was completely wasted on this individual. Not saying that I agree with them in any way, but it just further illustrates the point of how much the Christians are willing to ignore and misinterpret in order to mantain their beliefs.

It is sad, in a way. All this individual needs to do is crack a few books and read about how the human body works. All they have done in posting this crazy nonsense is embarrass themselves.

I long for the day when logic overcomes nonsense.


P.S.Welcome to TA, Helen! I look forward to many more intelligent discsussions!

Good grief! I hope that guy on Answers doesn't take any vitamin C. Vinegar in salad dressing would probably light him up like a Roman candle. If acid melts everything, how do they keep it in bottles? I can't help but think that this is a poe. Surely no one can be so incredibly dense and actually operate a computer.

Sadly he is not - he really is that dense. This is from the man who brought us 'Atheists are dangerous because there's nothing to stop them killing thousands of people.' The most worrying this is that he claims to be a father. :(


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