Hello all. I tried joining Twitter recently only to find no-one I knew was on there but I found you. I've been meaning to sign up for ages. I am often found debating fundamentalist Christians on Answers and tonight I saw the best question ever! Am bursting to share it with people who would appreciate it so headed here! I'd give you the link but it was deleted very quickly.


Why do Atheists expect me to believe their Lies about the origin of life and Evolution?

We all know that atheists insist on using complex terminology such as DNA to argue that our bodies are full of it and it proves evolutionism.

But really, what does that mean?
My pastor has told me that it's an Acid. Have you ever seen what happens when we put something in acid?
It Melts!

If our bodies was full of this Acid that directs evolution, we'd all melt. and since we aren't melting, I thus conclude that our body doesn't have this acid.
Honestly, Atheists make me laugh sometimes with their ridiculous suggestions.

Why do Atheists lie to support satan's work to make everyone worship evolution?

Educate yourself please
Is this not a new low! Maybe its not. I'm English and I have been talking to some American atheists on Answers and I am constantly amazed at the level of ignorance they have to put up with!
Anyway - Hello, everyone! I'll go and have an explore.

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OMG thank you for sharing. This made my day.

Hi, Helen!


America is NUMBER ONE, in the number of stupid, and the number of political figures who represent the stupid!. As an American, I can attest to this without the need for any scientific study, I just take it on faith..we are the dumbest!!! We are number one! LOL  (Oh, I'm sure there are dumb folks all around the world, but most of them don't have the internet yet. although I hear the Pope got the internet a few years ago!)   Welcome here!  I hope we both enjoy this place in cyber land equally.  

Oh,yes, we've certainly got our share of morons, David, but we lack your Christian fundamentalists. Answers was a real eye opener. :-{

Welcome Helen!  I've heard some pretty stupid things, but I think we have a winner there! Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to your other contributions!

Intelligence has its limits, but ignorance knows no bounds!

Helen welcome to the site.

Science is our friend, it is very hard to talk with people that have no idea what they are saying or how ignorant they sound.

Hello Helen.  I just joined today and am still looking around, wide-eyed and marvelling that we haven't all been blasted out of existence for our lack of faith.  LOL  I thought your posting was quite funny!

After reading this, my eyes have been opened and I want to warn everyone NOT to drink orange juice...I don't want you to melt.  Uh oh...that goes for grape juice and wine as well.  Looks like communion is out of the question now.  I guess it's not all that bad after all.


Thanks for posting, Helen.  Welcome to TA.






Welcome to reality : )

Hello Helen.  Madam, you have not yet begun to plumb the depths of ignorance that is not only alive here in the US, but is vibrant and seems to be growing.  Just a few choice tidbits.  "If humans evolved from apes then why are apes still around?" delivered with a smug arrogance that betrays one of the fundamental motivations of the aggressively ignorant.  "How could we possibly know how the world and life began?  There was nobody around to see it!"  Unless you're the type of person who enjoys arguing with a mushroom or a dirty sock you are wasting your time in conversation with the type of troglodyte mind that is typical of American fundamentalists.  Even "moderate" christians in this country are coerced into public allegiance to the idiocy of the primitives. I live and teach history in a school system that is a veritable cesspool of ignorance and fear-based hatred.  I'm living on borrowed time since the yokels discovered that I'm the incarnation of Satan.  

I have to admit I do rather enjoy arguing with the fundies - nowhere else do I feel justified in completely unleashing my sarcasm and letting rip. I am sure it is way less fun to live amongst them tho.:( I feel for all American atheists - I have been hearing stories which make it clear that they are an oppressed minority in large chunks of the US. We are far more secular in the UK  but Christianity in entrenched on our institutions - worship in schools and unelected bishops in the House of Lords. My daughter has already been scared by stories of the Great Flood and rivers of blood and the killing of the first born. When I complained about this and withdrew her from RE classes I was sarcastically asked if I would also like to withdraw her from history as they will be studying the Tudors which is very violent. I said that unless they plan to teach her that Bloody Mary is immortal and omnipotent, she is unlikely to fear for her life as she did after learning about God.

Hi, welcome to the comunity and thanks for sharing.


About your pastor, tell him that water is a self-ionising chemical. This means that water is, in very small amounts, constantly reacting with itself to produce an acid and a base when then reacts again to produce water.


Ask him why everyone who has ever bathed hasn't 'melted'.



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