I've stumbled across this place many-a-time, and I've decided this is a community I want to make an effort to join. I'm a senior Chemistry major at the predominantly Christian/conservative Texas A&M University so I meet few people tolerant let alone accepting of my immutable predisposition to empirical evidence, so.. just thought I'd say hi :]

Much love,


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Appreciated :]

Hello and welcome.  I feel for you on the insomnia thing; had it since I was in the service.

It's almost a way a life, isn't it?

Rachael: this just in from the "Does Anybody Really Care? Dept." - Did you know that your name, "Rachel," means, "Little Lamb"?

Recently, I finished working on the Chapter in Genesis, where the fictitious "Isaac," 60, met his fictitious bride, "Rachael" (Actually, Rachel, but, close enough), 14, and during my research, I ran across that information, just in case you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

I actually did know that! I couldn't grow up in a backwoods Southern Baptist East Texas town without picking up that bit of information. Interestingly enough, the correlation was not intentional--my dad was firmly atheist/agnostic, a fact I didn't find out until after he passed away a few years ago.

I'll bet you (a game I'll call "Stump the Newbie") didn't know - speaking with all due respect for your dad - that the Mormon Romneys baptized Anne Romney's agnostic/atheist father years after his death, and saved his eternal soul from the hell that their god, who made him the way he was, was willing to send him to, for being the way he made him.

Silly Mormons, they do the darnedest things.

Hi, from the great state of Flori-DAH

sleeping is overrated.

I like chemistry, mostly because my birthday is (wiki quote)...

" Mole Day.[18] It is an informal holiday in honor of the unit among chemists in North America. The date is derived from Avogadro's number, which is approximately 6.022×1023. It officially starts at 6:02 A.M. and ends at 6:02 P.M."

So did have a big party for my birthday?

Actually.. yes. I'm a member of the American Chemical Society and for Mole Day we made liquid nitrogen ice cream haha.



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