Hello there people, I've been peaking around here for some time and created a profile recently so I guess an introduction is in order.


I'm a big bald(ing) guy from the Netherlands who enjoys pretty much anything scientific, and have a generous amount of wonder for the natural world. I enjoy discussing and reading opinions and thoughts and will be lurking in the shadows of many of your discussions. I love bizarre trivial knowledge, and I am completely addicted to encyclopedias and science papers. I enjoy different kinds of media in different flavors. I can enjoy opera, but don't mind to headbang some hardcore like Hatebreed. I've watched way too many movies from mainstream to obscure (yes, I have actually seen Legend of the Overfiend you twisted pervert),


I can be an annoying skeptic, tend to correct people on minor issues and insignificant details as well as that my attempts at humor and sarcasm are often missed, I guess I'll fit right in with you guys!


I'm not angry with religion on a personal level and neither do I blame religion for all of humankind's mistakes, yet I also don't disqualify religion from scrutiny and questioning. Organized religions tend to be run by old men in protected positions whom control people in poverty that struggle for existence.


I have no problems whatsoever with people believing, it's not my concern or place to judge the beliefs of others, and I expect the sane courtesy in return. We are not entitled to our own facts though, and when attempting to decide on what the facts are we need science. Not because it is flawless, not because it leads us to a moral future, but simply because it works!


I am quite stubborn arrogant and might take more then moderate convincing to be able to change my opinions but I'll happily tolerate other opinions, except intolerance.

I have debated many a person on the interwebs I've been called misogynist, racist, a murderer and a sociopath on the internet so I guess I can take a verbal punch. My dream for joining any forum is that one day I'll hope to be part of a respectful debate on the ethics of eating meat on the internet where content would be discussed in stead of people engaging in a freaking flame war.


Anyways, I'm on my balcony, watching some stars! Gotta love the show that Nature is providing. I'm going back to Youtube to watch some Louis CK though, it's the start of the weekend and already I'm smoking pot under the stars with a big smile on my face!

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Welcome, Big Fella. I look forward to future posts from you.


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