Hey! Was just googling atheist rage comics, and found this website, ha.

I've never really been religious, but just recently have become a full-on atheist.

My grandmother brought me to church with her every sunday when I was a child, and I was scared into being baptised, because I thought I would die at any moment and go to hell, forever ;). Luckily, I learned to think outside of the box and realized that religion made no sense what-so-ever..and moved away from it. I am now proud to say that I am an Atheist, and it feels great!! So nice to be able to chat with you all! I live right in the bible belt, and I couldn't have a decent conversation to save my life.

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I never got baptized. I was always scared someone had peed in the water. The preacher's eyes where shifty enough so I suspected him the most, lol.
Damn! double post! sorry. My computer stuttered!

Hi, just joined an hour ago. Been an atheist since I could think, whole family is atheist except mom who is ambivalent. Don't need ammo to shoot down theists, only do it for fun though. I don't really care if people are 'believers' per se, I do care when that belief impinges on others such as now when close to 2 million have been killed in the last 10 years due to 'religion'. I also object to religions getting any sort of tax break.


I'm new too ^^ cheers!!


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