Hey! Was just googling atheist rage comics, and found this website, ha.

I've never really been religious, but just recently have become a full-on atheist.

My grandmother brought me to church with her every sunday when I was a child, and I was scared into being baptised, because I thought I would die at any moment and go to hell, forever ;). Luckily, I learned to think outside of the box and realized that religion made no sense what-so-ever..and moved away from it. I am now proud to say that I am an Atheist, and it feels great!! So nice to be able to chat with you all! I live right in the bible belt, and I couldn't have a decent conversation to save my life.

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Hello there, and welcome! =]

Hey Thank you :D nice stewie avatar :P
Thank you!
Cynthia Thomas, Hi, Glad to have you with us. Early on, it can be a problem - coming out. And it's not necessary. Later on it gets easier. For many years only my friends & family knew I was a heretic. ( Business reasons ) Once I retired, I went public big time. For many years I had letters to the editor published. Surprisingly, I made many friends this way. OK, a few enemies, too. It was FUN !  I wish you good luck, Cynthia, in your new life of Freedom From Religion.
Hey thank you! Yea I've chickened out telling a lot of people. I know its going to cause a lot of unnecessary drama, so I try not to speak about religion around most of my family ,and just leave it be. I would love to be able to be completely honest with everyone though, and I hope to finally be able to do that soon.
Thanks :3

Hey!  I'm new as well.  But nevertheless, welcome Cynthia!  I, too, live in (?) the bible belt.  I'm not entirely sure if Cape Canaveral, FL would be classified as part of the bible belt though ;)


Hooray free-thinkers!

Hey! Woohoo for newbies! :) I suppose anywhere in the south could be considered the bible belt :P
Welcome to TA Cynthia and Christopher.
Thank you!!
Hi Cynthia, welcome to TA.  I've just been here for a short while, but lots of fun and interesting stuff.  Have fun!!
Thank you!! I love it so far! Very active and positive website :)


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