Hello my name is Josef and I am from Jamaica W.I. Most people here are religious (we average the most churches per square mile in the world). In my experience atheists are ridiculed and labeled as crazy and nonsensical .....the irony. You can imagine my frustration. Anyhow, i'm seeking help or rather feedback on a message sent to me from  a "believer" who I was debating with about god, the bible, evolution, dualism among other things. The message left me puzzled, i was wondering if anyone has encountered views like these before and well...what are your thoughts. Her message follows below: 

"I have been thinking about the limitations and confusion that exist within the scope of religion, science and any other field that tries to explain the beginning, reason and meaning of life, death or the afterlife. I have found that not only do all the beginnings lack but for the most part they have had something in existence that everything else comes from. I make no claims whatsoever that I have an answer or can truly fathom a beginning. But I do recognize that our inability to comprehend it means it is bigger than our understanding. We keep discovering new things and gaining new knowledge so maybe we will get a little closer to understanding than we are now (I hope in my lifetime). The thing about humans is we are inclined to search, we are inclined to argue ,inclined to question and as such have moved forward. I want no one to misunderstand my previous posts, I have respect for scientist and religious people because they question and search and as such have improved our lives whether by innovation or just denomination. If science and religion stayed were they were we would still be in the dark ages.

My philosophy however while not necessarily lauding any of these sects have drawn from them in some way our another. As it relates to the question of do you believe in God? My answer is and will always be yes. But with me that yes it not as clear cut as most yeses are. When I use the word God it is used as a name that represents something that is indescribable. A quick analogy: We say heaven when we are trying to describe something that is all good, beautiful, relaxing and a reward. We say hell we when try to explain how negative and horrifying something can be. Love is another word used to try and explain feelings of extreme fondness. The point of this is, there are some words that we use that are merely a means of describing something we truly cannot define and these things also tend to be subjective. God for me is one of those words. A supreme being/thing that orchestrated the universe and somehow created human kind in my opinion is not far fetched. If we look at all of our belief systems they all have an element of mysticism that surrounds them. My opinion; Mysticism is a necessary part of human understanding. What was mythical a few thousand years ago have become common knowledge. We assume and find ways to eliminate the assumptions that come up wanting.

As the title implies I am holding this philosophy that man is an individual god. This is not to say that man is the supreme God but a god none the less. My argument has many bases but I will begins where it is easiest to follow:

Man-the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent

Being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent are the God elements, these elements combined is what makes a god. I am not aware of any god that is represented and not hold these elements. I would like us to consider an important line in the deistic creation story: ‘God made man in his own image.’ It has always been a ridiculous thought the idea of God having human form and human characteristics and this was the image that God made us in. In my opinion that doesn’t make sense, if that were true it would not be an issue that the son of God took human form right? Anyway to jump back in the creation story spoke of pawns (Adam and Eve) who were without knowledge but even though the story claimed a lack of knowledge they seemed to always possess the power of choice. I believe that the image we were made in is an intellectual image; we were given the god elements.

Individuals whether we know it or not possess all three elements that we have equated to being a God. Consider this as an individual you are omniscient- you know everything about yourself; past, present and whether you believe it or not future. You are omnipotent- your power of thought makes you all powerful, notice how private and powerful thought is and it cannot be truly shared with anyone without being watered down. You are omnipresent- You everywhere all the time. Again, perceive this on the individual level. Plato believes that we are born with all the knowledge of universe and choose to remember only parts of it that are relevant to the existence you now have, I am inclined to agree with him. we tend to forget the importance of knowledge even though we stress it so much. It was the attainment of knowledge that was sin in deistic creation story, it is knowledge that is enlightenment for the Buddhist, knowledge is the base for scientific advancements. The idea of this might seem strange but think about it as an individual we do possess the ability to do all these things and are limited by the confines of reality and self imposed rules and structures. We see our god elements in play in our daily lives but will never truly latch on to the power that is. Each sect has there own idea and description of what knowledge and intellect is, if we pay close attention however we will realize that we are predestined to believe that our ability to learn and know is ultimately the good or evil of this world.

That's it, thanks for your time.

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