I love god. How can you not?

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What is the matter?  Cat got your tongue?    

He was undoubtedly a "hit and runner."  Time of post: 2:48AM

Probably bored.

...or dr

Please explain which one? By the way @Shaun was it deliberate that you wrote god in non-capital? That sounds very ungodly to me, like you are one of us in a closet

I'm assuming you mean Yahweh. If I had to pick one reason it would be that I tend not love those who condone, command, and execute genocide and mass murder. The plagues suffered by citizens of Egypt, the killing of their first born, the massacre of Pharaoh's army, the commandment to exterminate the Amalekites, and the murder and subsequent of the Midianites are actions which cannot be of the will of one who is omni-benevolent. And then there is the fact that one cannot prove that he exists and I would be very grateful to know that such a violent and unstable being does not. And so while the supernatural horrors would be likely fabricated the very real atrocities carried out be the Israelites in the name of their god suggest that the very idea of him is something to be abhorred if it is used to justify the killing of innocent men and the rape of their daughters.

While it may seem a minor thing compared to the rest of the mayhem caused by the church, their pogrom against cats in the middle ages turned out to be a major contributory cause of The Plague Years, because the plague was carried by rats, and cats kill rats. Except when the cats are dead, of course.

When the church isn't consciously causing harm (as in its actions toward gays), its constant and clumsy cleaving to ignorance and superstition finishes the job up.

There is no god or gods or any other mythical being to love.



The christians don't know which god. And like me this person doesn,t capitalize the g in god interesting

Can't love something that doesn't exist. Check this out for an understanding of why you love God so much: 



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