I love god. How can you not?

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Hi Shaun, which God? Allah, Yahweh, Thor, Ra? You haven't given much detail to go on.

Can you clarify which god you mean please. What are the "Top 3" reasons for you believing in this god?

What is it about your god that you love?

Hypothethically speaking suppose you were to meet an indigenous tribal people in a remote region of the world whose culture was devoid of supernatural worship. How would you present the concept of god(s) and persuade them that there was a world of invisible beings who had special abilities and powers? What evidence would you offer to support your proposition? Would you be able to convince them that their lives were sinful and in need of change; especially if they were already content & happy with their current existence?

Typically, you would need to enslave them, torture them, murder them, work them to death, and force them for generations to learn and follow the tenets of your religion.  When misery in this life becomes all they know, they will yearn for salvation from whatever god offers a restful peaceful afterlife.

...and/or show off some technology like it's magic.

Shaun, we are waiting for your answer on what is god before we get to which god and why should any of us love whatever you describe as god

I love god. How can you not?

This is why.

You are well trained, Christian, but did not capitalize God. Accidental ambiguity? This may bode well for you here.

You won't be here long.

You're here to prove your faith by fire. We'll show you you're beliefs are a crock, and you'll prove your faith by continuing to believe even though we've shown what you believe is ridiculous.

I'm a little partial to The Dagda myself. He had this awesome club that could slay nine men with one end and restore them to life with the other.

Oh and are we including any goddesses? If not, why not?

Come on Now Shaun, creep out and convince us, you may never know perhaps you have a proof of that which you ask us why can't we love.


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