I'm Robin, a 32 year old from Texas.  I'm a SAHM to a very attached mama's boy (he turned 2 in September).  I have two awesome step kids who I am raising with my fiance (we won't get into discussing the egg donor AKA, mother).

I love music (classical, symphonic rock/metal, folk, music of foreign languages...stuff that makes people look at me weird).  I love drawing, reading, writing, photography, art stuff, and computer stuff.  I love languages (I've studied Japanese and French, but not nearly enough to know a thing LOL).  I love history and cultures...science fascinates me as well and I love reading and researching, but I won't lie, a lot of it is beyond my comprehension.  It's still amazing, tho.  :)

I love cats (all animals really, but am by far a kitty person).  I'm shy but really opinionated (contradictory maybe?).  I do my best to research any thing I talk about that I am not sure on because avoiding looking like an idiot is really a must for me.

I am Atheist, though I am a tolerant one (tolerant to freedom of believing how you want/worshiping in your own way); however, I am not tolerant to shoving beliefs down other's throats/forcing beliefs onto others without regard to their freedoms.  I do my best NOT to be a militant nonbeliever because persecuting the religious is no better than the religious persecuting me.

Anyway, hi, hello, and nice to meet you all.

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Robin, Steve was referring to a specific linked-to incident in a thread on another forum, where there was a protest about a school board meeting which insisted on saying prayers at their meetings, and where an anonymous person had protested, and the Freedom From Religion group had taken up the cause.  Some of the comments after the article were horrendously offensive and histrionic.  Steve was spoofing it lightly.  Without the benefit of having been involved in that discussion, I can see where you would have misunderstood.

I could rummage around for you to try to find the article he is referencing - or you can take my word for it that his post was not directed at you, but more in frustration at the militant commentary on that news story.

Thanks.  Emotion and tone of voice is so often lost in typed words, so yeah, it seems I did take that the wrong way.  I do apologize for that.

I do take your word for it, though.  It doesn't surprise me.  Unfortunately intolerance is the bane of human existence, or at least one of them.

Importantly--whatever you may come to think of me as you see more of me on this board, I sure as heck am not one of them!

Welcome to Think Atheist!

I also apologise, Robin, for welcoming you as "Robert" earlier on this thread!  All I can say is that I was thinking of Robert Louis Stevenson when I saw your name.  Let me try again...

Hi, Robin, welcome to TA!

LOL, it's OK about the name thing.  My dad's name is actually Robert Lewis Stevenson (no relation to the author, tho) & I was SUPPOSED to be a boy, thus a JR, but to my dad's dismay, I came out a girl LOL.  So instead of giving me his name he gave me his initials.  :)

And, please know, I don't judge (or try not to).

Thanks again for the welcome!!

Nice to meet you as well we have a lot of common interests.  I believe you will find a lot of members have shared interests...I am new to TA as well but so far I have found a lot of good, thoughtful, and kind people.  Try using the chat feature, a lot of the time people are not using it but when they are you'll find people having small group discussions that are funny, insightful and meaningful.  I really enjoy TA and I hope you will too.  Welcome!


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