I'm Robin, a 32 year old from Texas.  I'm a SAHM to a very attached mama's boy (he turned 2 in September).  I have two awesome step kids who I am raising with my fiance (we won't get into discussing the egg donor AKA, mother).

I love music (classical, symphonic rock/metal, folk, music of foreign languages...stuff that makes people look at me weird).  I love drawing, reading, writing, photography, art stuff, and computer stuff.  I love languages (I've studied Japanese and French, but not nearly enough to know a thing LOL).  I love history and cultures...science fascinates me as well and I love reading and researching, but I won't lie, a lot of it is beyond my comprehension.  It's still amazing, tho.  :)

I love cats (all animals really, but am by far a kitty person).  I'm shy but really opinionated (contradictory maybe?).  I do my best to research any thing I talk about that I am not sure on because avoiding looking like an idiot is really a must for me.

I am Atheist, though I am a tolerant one (tolerant to freedom of believing how you want/worshiping in your own way); however, I am not tolerant to shoving beliefs down other's throats/forcing beliefs onto others without regard to their freedoms.  I do my best NOT to be a militant nonbeliever because persecuting the religious is no better than the religious persecuting me.

Anyway, hi, hello, and nice to meet you all.

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nice to meet you and welcome to TA

That's a good intro, Robin. I like you already.

If you have Winamp or Real Audio you might enjoy listening to some of the radio stations I have on my website, The Pathway Machine. Check it out here. I got everything you mentioned and more.

Thanks to both, and David, I will look into the website. I saw some stuff that seems interesting, so it is intriguing. :)

Hey Robert, welcome to TA

Hi Robin, Welcome!


Hi Robin!  Welcome to TA! I am a mother as well---us moms got to stick together because these kids are psychotic! I hope you make alot of friends here; there are some awesome folks on this site.

Is there such thing as a militant atheist who persecutes the religious?  I've yet to see one on the news...

Oh but don'tcha know, stopping them from praying at government meetings and in government schools and stopping creche scenes on government property IS persecution....

At least in their whiny-ass crybaby opinion.

And so is making anonymous complaints because you don't want to be ostracized or have a brick come sailing through your window.

Thanks all.

Kim, yes, I am sure there are "militant" nonbelievers out there.  By simply acting hostile to someone of faith and being intolerant to their right to believe and worship as they want is enough in my book, and there are people out there like that.  You don't necessarily have to hear about them in the news to know that people like that exist (that's a bit naive).  I'm not condoning tolerance in that one just sit back and let a religious freak act hostile towards someone of no faith or of a different faith, I simply believe that trying to be accepting of people is the right way to go.  Do I think the world would be a better place if religion were wiped from the face of the planet?  Yes, I do--at least the main ones (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), but that's not feasible.  But I also don't believe in making it a world where people have to fear others because of their belief systems, and that does exist--everywhere.  Whether it's a religious person in a country that doesn't share the same beliefs, or Pagans fearing the Christians, or nonbelievers having to deal with the condemning of the so-called righteous, and Atheists who want to take away a religious person's right to believe & worship.  It exists everywhere and in all types of people.



Well, welcome to TA! 

This would be an excellent discussion to open up elsewhere, btw!


Wow.  No thanks.  I like a good debate, don't get me wrong, but I don't particularly like to deal with people like the previous poster.  People like that are truly no better than the worst of any other kind of people.  Well done & goodbye.  :)


I think my sarcasm may have gone over your head.  Sorry about that.


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