Hi all, new to TA as of yesterday. Am very happy to have found this site!

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any pointers with dealing with Christian friends. I have many and they have tried converting me, and I feel like I should open up with my thoughts as well but I do feel pretty intimidated by them. How do you deal with this? To give you a feel of what some of them are like - here is a recent post on Facebook that one of my Christian friends wrote:

"I feel deeply sorry for people like Richard Dawkins, men blinded by the brilliance of their own minds, like sunstrike on a calm Sunday evening drive, allowing you to blissfully coax along, right up until the splitsecond before the train hits you from the side..."

If only he knew how sorry I feel for him.


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People will disagree with me.

Who would do such a thing?
I am pursuing knowledge instead of beliefs.

I like this; it is concise and honest without being offensive.
I have a lot of ammunition on paper, in fact files and files that consist of answers against arguments that say the bible is some thing you should live your life by and not question even it is cruel, so I then have my own argument in front of me on the rights and wrongs of religion.. and why I am an atheist . In The Creation of Lying Ricky Gervais puts things very simply as it makes you laugh and makes you wonder how any sane person can believe such drivel.
I disagree with me, most of the time.
Mention to them, how it feels like hitting a brick wall when you debate them, and then use a sledgehammer.

Hi, me a newb too.


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