Hi all

I signed up purely for somewhere to discuss a reasonable subject with some hopefully reasonable people.

I live life by the simple classic philosophy of "live and let live". Whatever you believe, fine - get on with it, don't push it on me, don't push it on anyone else, and don't let it harm anyone. If everyone could stick to that, we'd have no problems.

The straw that broke the camel's back for me tonight was yet another great TV program turning to god. It happened with Sons of Anarchy (episode after episode about finding god and jesus etc) which was infuriating. I don't mind if it's just a part of the plot - part of people's lives etc, that's normal. But when it starts to spread over several episodes, with the main character having some sort of patronising revelation, it becomes condescending.

It happened with Lost too - the final series being the worst thing to ever happen to an awesome TV show ever - and it completely ruined what had been an amazing show for me. 

Then tonight I'm watching Dexter (I'm on season 6 now) and he's suddenly transforming from a science-based hardcore atheist, into a believer over night because of some story involving his kid getting ill (I won't ruin it in case you've not seen it). So now they're shoe-horning religion in, using a sick child as leverage, which is emotional blackmail at its finest. It just cheapens the entire show... it's about a scientist who looks at life using only logic - black and white facts. Then in the course of about 3 episodes, he's starting to "see the light" and believe? Absolutely infuriating.

I shouldn't get so wound up about it - it's just a TV show - but do you ever feel like the writers/producer are piggybacking their belief system onto the show? It really gets on my nerves. Whether or not you believe in god, must it be rammed down our necks during EVERY decent TV show?

On a side note, I noticed that when signing up here there's a warning to say that your name will show up in google results, so you can use a pseudonym. Do we really live in a society where people have to hide their status as an atheist? It's just utterly bizarre, we're meant to be an educated advanced civilisation!

Argh, rant over - apologies, I know it's all pointless, I'm just a bit annoyed at another show being spoiled.



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A pregnant pause? 

(I can't really see you using that as a nom de plume, however)

It would be funny to post as Pregnant Pause though. I keep chuckling about how that would look, and what would be posted. 

I tried to have a pregnant pause, but then my water broke. 

It's a way for some producers to sneak in their own proclivities. Ever notice how no one smokes on TV anymore? It's not forbidden, but it's not encouraged, and not written into scripts.

Once the screenwriter is finished, the director goes to work with his red pencil - if you look at the rolling credits, you may see several names following the words, "Screenplay by," this is because once modifications to the script has been made by the director, the script may be handed off to another writer to rewrite, and thereby earning credit (though not top billing). Then again, the producer has veto power, and above that, network executives can decide to order a rewrite to include their point of view, or threaten to pull the plug on the piece.

Hi, Fadi - are you new here, or am I just seeing you for the first time? If you're new, you may not know that we have a special forum where members from Egypt, as well as other Islamic countries share their experiences, in case you'd care to join us: http://www.thinkatheist.com/group/egyptianatheists?xg_source=msg_we...

Please, please, please be safe. Watch what you post under your real name. 

Hi Matt,

Why not add another make believe element to a make believe story? I will admit that I rage whenever I see or read or smell any religious B.S. I especially get peeved when it is foisted on us. I can't help but offer a reasoned rebuttal. Sometimes I go looking for religious intrusions to rail against, mostly in the scientific and political arenas.

I want to live to see Atheism become main stream. Stone Age religion is a yoke around our necks, don't believe it isn't. Television shows can be a part of that yoke. It may be that it is the Christian thing to do. It just comes natural to them and makes perfect sense in their delusional mind. The harm is in that this insipid delusion (God) can be foisted on people thru mass media.

As a last note, isn't it interesting how they present their fantasy as reality within a fantasy?

Hope it helps to see another atheists point of view on your frustration.

Respectfully yours,



What I want to know is: are there any pop culture stories in which a main character comes around to atheism? If so, are there any stories in which this is not treated as a tragedy and/or the character is not the antagonist?

Good point. Perhaps we should make one!

I think we should.


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