Some of you have already spoken to me through one or both of my other two threads so far (and probably thus only seen the religiously-damaged parts of me) but hopefully I can prove to be more than just the damage.

I'm 21 and I grew up in a Pentecostal, emotionally abusive house. Until I was 17 I was brought up in that denomination while witnessing intense hypocrisy which was confusing all on its own, nevermind the lack of logic and evidence that goes along with leaving a religion. Which, by the way, I didn't "do" until recently, at least not by name. Between 17 and a few months ago I lived apathetically toward the religion since I no longer lived at home but I honestly never fully believed what I was being taught. Out of fear, I just didn't accept the word "agnostic" until very recently. I also haven't "come out" to most of my family or friends. I definitely have a lot of lingering issues regarding my past that I came here to find a support group and friends to help me get through.

Other than my past, though, I'm some sort of geeky/artistic/bookwormish hybrid. I'm engaged to my guy of going on eight years and we've got a kitty. I'm a Trekkie/Browncoat/Frakkin' Toaster/Potterhead/House Stark/Rebel/a ton of other sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, lol. I'm artistic and I love many mediums; drawing, writing, pixel art, crocheting, polymer clay, photography, etc. I also love the ocean, animals, chalupas, the Foo Fighters and laughing until my face hurts. So yeah, I'm more than my past.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know many of you and being a part of many similar journeys. :D

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Thanks! :)

Thank you! :) I feel as though I'm at the clearest point in my life and it feels wonderful! Of course there's plenty of negative that comes with it but I love the simplicity of the fact that where I am is a position of intense curiosity about everything around me. :)

Y'old sweetie! 

lol, are you referring to me or someone else?



Thank you, sir! :D

Welcome! I'm new here too and believe I faced similar problems, as I'm sure most atheists and/or agnostics have. So far from what I've seen it's been a great community here.

Thank you, and in that case welcome to you as well! :) I agree; so far I've loved it here!


I grew up in a partially evanglical home, so I think I can relate to some of your background (and I am currently surrounded by almost exclusively Christians with a spectrum of conservatism and biblical literalism).

And, try "ignostic"- it is a label that seems to encourage real dialogue.

Thank you! :)

It definitely makes me happy to hear that here are not only ex-Christians here but ex-evangelicals, too! Anyone who's experienced the evangelical side of the scale knows it's quite different from even the common things like Baptist.

"Ignostic" is an interesting term! Hadn't heard it before, so I'll do more looking into that. I wonder if I can enunciate it differently in speech that people will realize I'm saying something different than "agnostic," lol.


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