Hi! I'm Hannah, and I very recently found out about Think Atheist through twitter and realized I needed to join (and what better day to join than Judgement Day itself) :) I was born and raised in Norway, which is where I currently live. Even though about 70-80% of our population are members of the state church, I find most of the people here surprisingly secular, so my upbringing has suffered very little religious influence and I never needed to "convert" to atheism, I've pretty much always been one. I love discussing religion and other related topics, so hoping to do more of that here :)

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Thanks for the welcome!

Here's an interesting statistic for you that I dug up, that might just confuse even more than explain: 80,7% of the population are members of the public Evangelical-Lutheran church, but only about 30% of the population say they "believe there is a God". Children who are baptized are automatically members of the state church. They can choose to leave the church when they're 15, but most just don't bother, resulting in some pretty misleading statistics. I myself was never baptized, but I have loads of friends who were and who are still members even though they don't identify as Christian. It's a bit baffling to me, but it really comes down to a mix of laziness and love for tradition.

Thanks for clarifying that point, which has been a little puzzling to me. Norway, as well Scandinavia in general (don't hit me ;) ) seems to be a model corner of the globe, at least compared to, well, pretty much everywhere else. It's good to have more understanding of the position of atheists/secularists abroad.

Also, welcome to T|A! It's great to have you.
Welcome to T|A! I look forward to seeing you around the boards! :)

Hey Hannah, happy day after doomsday!:-)  I'm new also, glad to see I'm not the only one!


Always wanted to visit Scandinavia. My brother met his first wife in Kragero, which judging by the pictures is stunning! A beautiful, beautiful country (if a little chilly!).



Thanks for the welcome!


Oh, Kragerø is beautiful! I went there on holiday a couple of years ago, would love to go back again someday :)

Hi Hannah, you are welcome to the fold. I am new also and I think I would need a lot of followup in order to really get the concept of being a member of this group. I live in Nigeria, and all my life I have been a Christian, but with recent development and all that has happened to me in the past, I am living that faith to seek a better way of knowing whom I really am.
Welcome to TA Hannah. I hope you enjoy being among us :)

welcome, I hope you enjoy the site!


Welcome, I hope you find everyone as friendly and intriguing as I have!

Sorry for the late reply, but welcome! And look! You survived the Rapture too! What a releif.

Welcome to TA Hannah!




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