Some of you have already spoken to me through one or both of my other two threads so far (and probably thus only seen the religiously-damaged parts of me) but hopefully I can prove to be more than just the damage.

I'm 21 and I grew up in a Pentecostal, emotionally abusive house. Until I was 17 I was brought up in that denomination while witnessing intense hypocrisy which was confusing all on its own, nevermind the lack of logic and evidence that goes along with leaving a religion. Which, by the way, I didn't "do" until recently, at least not by name. Between 17 and a few months ago I lived apathetically toward the religion since I no longer lived at home but I honestly never fully believed what I was being taught. Out of fear, I just didn't accept the word "agnostic" until very recently. I also haven't "come out" to most of my family or friends. I definitely have a lot of lingering issues regarding my past that I came here to find a support group and friends to help me get through.

Other than my past, though, I'm some sort of geeky/artistic/bookwormish hybrid. I'm engaged to my guy of going on eight years and we've got a kitty. I'm a Trekkie/Browncoat/Frakkin' Toaster/Potterhead/House Stark/Rebel/a ton of other sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, lol. I'm artistic and I love many mediums; drawing, writing, pixel art, crocheting, polymer clay, photography, etc. I also love the ocean, animals, chalupas, the Foo Fighters and laughing until my face hurts. So yeah, I'm more than my past.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know many of you and being a part of many similar journeys. :D

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Y'old sweetie! 



Welcome! I'm new here too and believe I faced similar problems, as I'm sure most atheists and/or agnostics have. So far from what I've seen it's been a great community here.


I grew up in a partially evanglical home, so I think I can relate to some of your background (and I am currently surrounded by almost exclusively Christians with a spectrum of conservatism and biblical literalism).

And, try "ignostic"- it is a label that seems to encourage real dialogue.


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