Hi , My name is Haithem . I'm from Tunisia . I'm 21 . I noticed there's no one from my country or even arabic so kind of feel a little bit stranger in here LOL !!! I left Islam when i was 20 . The main reason wa sthe contradictions between science & coran . All the irrational things that made the divinity of that book impossible .I hav to say i've been religious since i was child . I stopped practicing whern i became 15 but i stayed muslim . I was sceptic and I always had all kind of forbidden questions since childhood so that made it easy to be an atheist when I grow up ummmmmmmm i don't know what else to say but I'm here to know atheist like me all over the world especially same age as me . Peace :)

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Hello Haithem and welcome to T|A. I am not sure if there is anybody from Tunisia here but there are some Arabic speaking folks as well as ex-Muslims as well (I am from the second category).

Take care
Hi Haithem! Welcome to T|A! As QM points out, we do have ex-Muslim members here, but you may be our first Tunisian! I'd be interested to hear more about your country and your experiences as a sceptic there.
Welcome Haithem, I am an old'y from the UK.
We have an ex-muslim council here and if you would like their webpage I will post it on thinkath.for you.
We all want to live together in peace and harmony.
Hi there, Haithem. Welcome! This is a wonderful website. I think you're going to enjoy it here. Thank you so much for the add by the way. It's always great to get to meet new, like-minded people on here.
thank you and it's a pleasure for me .
Hi Haithem, welcome to a place of thoughtful, insightful, intelligent folks. I'm an older lady from Texas who is relatively new to the site, and feel very at home here. I have no doubt you will as well. Ask your questions, and you will engage in a great way to communicate and participate.
Welcome to the site Haithem. I hope you find this site enjoyable and helpful. See you around the discussions!
I've always wanted to visit Tunis. Do most people speak French there?
yeah We are very close to europe . well we speak arabic but yeah we use a lot of french in our conversations. besides , our school program is in french ( we were colonized by freance back in the days ) .
Thank you !!!!
Welcome! I am new and just reading a few things on this site makes me feel like I have found a new home. Like I can relax a little. I'm not your age, but you can get over that! I have lived in Africa and love your continent (Mali). Maybe someday I'll be in Tunisia. Take care, Judy
It's not the same !! When you're in north africa especially in tunisia you'd feel like you 're in europe !!! Tunisia is a lovely country especially in summer it's worth visiting believe me !!!!




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