Just wanted to say hi and a little bit about myself. I have been non-religious for 7 years but only recently decided to declare myself an atheist. I have been forced into several religions, christianity and islam, and when I became a member of those religions everyone was so excited for me and had nothing but good thing to say. Now that I have formally declared myself an atheist, I have been rejected, ridiculed and quite frankly insulted by everyone in my life! Including my non-religious family. Is this story similiar to what you all have been through? This was definately something I expected from my religious friends but was a complete shock that other non-believers, although not formally atheist, would treat me this way.

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In my case, the religion issue was settled decades ago. But I can relate in politics. I come from a very conservative area and apparently my Aunt Googled me. At Christmas she mentioned that I had "various political positions" online. She said it with a superior tone. My response was pretty clear, "You should follow me on Facebook!" Which got some giggles. It took the steam out of her sails because she seemed to be of the position that it was shameful or I was hiding. It wasn't confrontational and she didn't have many viable responses that would serve her well. 

So if someone were treating me poorly on religion, if I'm catching your drift, my reaction might be similar. Not to confront on the point that they are trying to make, but to point out how they are treating me. "Is this how your religion was advertised to you? Mistreat people free of guilt?" "Do they issue you a gavel with that Bible?" The attacks might continue, but the spotlight on the douche will have been turned on and the only way to turn it back off is to drop the issue. To be fair, there are many atheists whom act this way as well and I may have a greater disdain for them because as a group the somewhat represents me.

Welcome to TA! I hope that it's a good fit for you! 

Very, very insightful, Fred!

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Very, very insightful, Fred!



Isn't  he great! Yay! I love reading Fred's posts.  

Welcome to TA Shannon! I am a new atheist as well, and have only been here a short time. I love TA and think it's a wonderful place to learn and share information :) I think your family being this way towards you is not right and or fair. I hope that it gets better with time. My family (which is just in-laws) knows I'm atheist and still talks to me and acts towards me like I am still a christian. It's very aggravating. But for me it's not worth the headache to argue them (atleast not at this point in time) I guess I'm not mad enough about it just yet LOL. Hope you enjoy yourself here on TA!! :)
Hi :)  I am fairly new here too.  Been about a week.  I have been atheist since a child and am just now finding others who share my opinions.  This is a good place to be.


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