My name is Jenn, I am new to Think Atheist. I'm looking forward to reading more and interacting with y'all, since I don't have many like-minded people in my life right now. 

So, here's some about me-- I'm 31, 6 weeks away from getting my BA in Community Development, like to read a lot, write sometimes, make music, live on the shores of a Great Lake. I was raised super conservative Christian but I threw all that out a long time ago. 

I'm not exactly sure how to jump in to some of these conversations but I will try!

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Heya Jenn, welcome to TA!

This Forum is awsome, you will like it! Welcome!

Thank you both, very much! 

Hey Jenn, welcome to TA. Just jump into any conversation you find you are interested in.

Hi, Jenn! Didn't know they used, "Y'all" as far as the Great Lakes, but it's cool --

Suggest you scan the discussions in "WHAT'S NEW TODAY" until you find a topic that interests you, find a reply you'd like to comment on, and jump in with both feet!

Hey, welcome, Jenn;  do what we all do: read the posts on this site every day, and when something tweaks your desire to chime in, please do so.

Hi Jenn, I'm new here too. I have found that joining in to these kinds of discussions is incredibly helpful for your well-being, even if you don't know what to say at first.

I just got the most wonderful rant off my chest in the "Take the Cross Down" topic.  I feel sooooo much better.

Just jump.  Be bold.  Come up with a topic of your own and post it for all to join in - this is a good way to get things going.

Thank you all for such a warm welcome, and for the advice on getting started!

Welcome Jenn!

Hi Jenn, welcome to Think Atheist. We have a great strong community here. Hope you enjoy


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