I havent visited the site for a long time because of safety reasons...I guess I am back..its good to be back with people with similar mind sets.

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Glad you are safe!!! What happened?
Nothing much..family doubting my "faith in god" and if they knew the real me, i will be killed..so it was important to stay away from sites like this to decrease their doubt and protect my life.

Safety first! I can't even advocate for emigration to USA, until we see how bad the authoritarianism and mass prejudice is going to get, here.

Trumpistan, with white, uber-sectarian Christianity possibly coming out to support it. We'll see...

Hi there. I'm new here, I live in the U.S. I have often found myself irritated that Christianity seems to be everywhere here. But coming across some people like you from countries where you could pay with you life if people were to find out that you simply had thoughts different from theirs really puts things into perspective. I don't think I would be as brave as you are, I really admire your courage to come onto a site like this despite your situation.

Many in the US remain closeted atheists to avoid losing their jobs/livelihood, etc...but, at least typically, not their lives.


"found myself irritated that Christianity seems to be everywhere here."

a good reason to defend the liberty of mind.

I live in the Mid-West you can smell the stench of christianity everywhere.

The stench drifts back and forth, across the fruited plains and amber waves of grain.

God has shed his grace on thee.

What used to be the home of the brave was conquered by the founders of the land of the free.

Now, we are free to act like them or be penalized proportionally for the discrepancies.

Freedom of religion morphed into freedom of Christians to impose their beliefs on others.

Its still a great country with lots of promise, despite everything...but not perfect, and, still deeply flawed in many ways.

To me, at least, "Making America Great", would have been a good idea.

"Making it great AGAIN" though, implies that the past held more greatness than the future.

The past is what needs to be compensated for and overcome, not returned to.

ALL generations refer to "the good 'ol days"...but not to the SAME good 'ol days.

The good 'ol days are really an idealized myth carried on through time.

They never existed per se.

If we want to be great, we should drop the "again" part...to avoid going backwards.

Greatness can be a goal...but it should not be a goal that has a finish line...especially one that you can't pass through.  

True greatness will involve constant striving for the ideal, and adjusting as needed to maintain mankind's continued growth and development.

Germany recovered from the Hitler thing...they learned some lessons.  Some non-Germans learned some lessons vicariously.  

America will recover from theism/white supremacy/Trump etc.  Lessons will be learned.

Wouldn't that be great?


Hello.  I'll just call myself StillCloseted. Christofascism is definitely afoot in my rather closed and interdependent  senior community, and online atheism is my only moral/rational lifeline.  Thank you for coming back to us.  Your bravery is inspiring.  This is my first post, although I visit the TA every day.  Time for me to join the support team, as you have, instead of just being a lurker, eh? 

Hey Private, welcome to font! You were in good company as a "TA ghost" - we have many wonderful "lurkers" who do not or can not post for many reasons. I'm glad you feel you can join the posters, and look forward to reading more from you. ;)


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