I have not made any type of decision of where I might stand in the next election. Just wanting to get some feed back on this guy and what he says his agenda is. Thank You for participating.



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That's kind of the same thing I was thinking.. Due to some of his video content, I think he is going to be playing the race card... That's just me though : )


Thanks for responding Gretchen : )


I just read that schmuck's website. As a person that is not from "the states" I can tell you that the patriotism and "America is the greatest" thing is really the most annoying asinine shtick in the whole of politics to me. 

I concur : ) thanks for weighing in Big Fella

Thanks for having me Joli.

I gotta say though that not all patriotism is bad per se, it's just that when you are convinced that you are "the greatest" you definitely miss a critical outlook on where the future of the country is. There was a time that conservatism was about maintaining certain values. From mr. Cain's website it reeks of nostalgia for the past as if his goal is to take the states back in time, literally.

I prefer a candidate that looks towards the future. Patriotism can be a motivator to improve one self and one's country I suppose, but you have to look forward to the future, not the past.


Drumming your chest and shouting that you're the greatest (country) in the world doesn't accomplish anything and it is a meaningless phrase. To me, this kind of patriotism is blind, divisive and frankly childish. 


I prefer a more "mature" patriotism as perhaps displayed better by other people such as Mahatma Gandhi's patriotism and secularism. He was honestly proud of the achievements and capabilities of his fellow countrymen and saw actively to improve his people's future.


Oh, and in casual conversation "California is the greatest!" or whatever quote is just fine. It's context that matters.

He's one of those clowns who prides himself on not valuing "political correctness" and brazenly proclaims that he will essentially discriminate against muslims by refusing to appoint any muslim to any position.


Might as well call him Cain Herman 'cuz he's ass-backwards

Last summer I was listening to Herman Cain's radio talk show (which he no longer does). He was hosting a special talk show to support raising money for children with cancer at a children's hospital in Atlanta. He was very good with the kids. You could tell the children liked him. After he finished talking with the children, he began to ramble about the role faith plays when bad things happen in one's life. Then, I kid you not, he said something to the effect that a situation where a child has cancer is for testing the parents' faith in order to make it stronger. I just hope he was not within ear shot of the children when he said that and I'm sure there were a few parents who did not appreciate the remark. 


As far as his views on foreign and economic policies, he seems to have some good ideas but I am not an expert. I talked with a conservate friend about him. This friend is agnostic/atheist and he said he did not like Herman Cain's religious stance but he liked everything else about him.

On his website (hemaincain.com) and elsewhere Cain emphasises the role of the Creator and that "we are free because in God we trust".


More worryingly still, he denies man-made global warming, calling it a "scam". He specifically singles out the Climategate controversy, which was a big nothing: six investigations all reached the same conclusion - no evidence of misconduct. The data is not "manufactured" as Cain alleges. See here for a debunking of Climategate.



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