And already getting spam from Just to let the moderators know.

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Thanks for letting us know. He is already suspended. As you spend time, you will notice there is very less spam here. This site is very well moderated.

Thank you!

I don't think I've ever gotten any, in maybe three years.

Been here about as long, if not a bit longer and never got any spam I could attribute to TA or any member, but then again my email is a gmail and their spam filter borders on magic.

I agree it's magical, but they also divert a lot of my email to spam that I've intentionally signed up for. Most of that is understandable, and I can find it in the spam folder and whitelist the from:address in gmail. But a lot of that "spam" comes from companies that are google competitors, which should be obvious to an ingenuous spam filter, especially if millions of other people must already be whitelisting it.

What gets sent to spam? I get all my Amazon emails and they are a Google competitor.

Amazon went to spam until I whitelisted it. I think I had to do that about a year or so ago. Maybe it was only Amazon Prime messages. I should have paid more attention.

Websites I registered at to receive sale/promo info or forum messages from, like newegg, evernote, tinycad, my bank, chegg (a used book store), paypal, and seafood watch from Monterey Seaquarium. For some strange reason they were even sending "... is now a member of Think Atheist" messages to spam.

Aww Beanie I'll send you some spam if you want. I hate to feel you've been left out, especially when it comes to penis enlargement products - I don't know how I would cope without knowing there's a solution out there for a problem I'll never have :)

Haha, nice! :)

(Anyway, it's Unseen who admits he's lacking it...)

Yes, PB, I'm like the Catholic choirboy who was NOT molested and is wondering "Why not me? I'm not attractive enough?"

You may not have the problem, witch, but it gives you something to dream about. ;)

Writing your name in the snow is fun...if your ambitions are small.


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