This is going to be a jumbled, rambling mess of everything that pisses me off about this entire issue of health care.

I'm going to give the first FUCK YOU to the right wing free market assholes. It doesn't work OK? It doesn't. The issues we face now are a direct result of moving towards a freer market.

Second FUCK YOU goes out to Ronald Reagan for starting the trend mentioned in FUCK YOU #1. You fucking prick.

Third FUCK YOU goes out to the Republicans who complain that a public option isn't fair (WAHH) because private insurance companies will not be able to compete. They actually say that! Think about how ridiculous they are for saying that. First they say government can't run ANYTHING efficiently. Everything the government touches turns into a gigantic bureaucratic mess. Then they say that private industry won't be able to compete with a public option. How can they not compete when the government run plan will, by right wing default thinking, be a huge inefficient mess? It doesn't make any sense. The multi billion dollar insurance industry just can't adapt! They just can't lower their operatinge costs, their premiums, open up availability to more procedures! WAHHH! HEELLPP GOVERNMENT, DONT MAKE US COMPETE! FUCK YOU.

Fourth, FUCK YOU to all you selfish, hypocritical, assholes complaining about how you'd have to pay for some lazy douche bag's health care. Fuuuuuck you. You have no issue paying taxes that go towards wars and bombs and such. It's amazing to me that so many people are so unwilling to sacrifice a little bit to do so much good for our country.

FUCK YOU a fifth time to you idiots who point out how god damn UNHAPPY Canadians, British, Japanese, French, German, Norwegian, Sweedish and every other fucking civilized society on the planet are with their national health care. Canadians like it. The UK likes it. They all like it. Plus, guess what? It's cheaper. It's more effective. Don't listen to that bitch who had a non life threatening cyst and was pissed when Canadian doctors wouldn't put her ahead of people with REAL brain issues. PHYSICAL brain issues, like cancerous tumors and 2x4s. Not fucking psychological and intelligence issues. If she needed doctors to open up her skull and fix her stupidity and selfishness, they would've made sure to get her in the OR before nightfall.

That brings me to my sixth and final (FOR NOW), FUCK YOU. This one goes out to the mascots the GOP has been creating for whatever cause they're into at that given time. We had JOE THE GOD DAMN PLUMBER personifying that image of the every day, garden variety american idiot. We had Sarah Palin, who the GOP tried to... uhh, I don't fucking know what they were trying to do with her (whatever it was, it didn't work). Now we have that moron woman who I mentioned up there. I forget her name.. OH YEAH, ITS OPPORTUNIST BITCH.

It's good to know that, except for the Swift Boat Vets Mascots (who were actually quite effective, but still full of shit), every single one of you has been a complete, utter failure. You've been debunked, thoroughly ridiculed in the press and marginalized, everywhere except outside of your pathetic Fox News, Talk Radio and the pathetic right wing blogosphere. FUCK YOU.

Fuck it. I've got one last FUCK YOU. FUCKKK YOUUU GOP. You shitheads. You fucked up, disgusting opportunist shitheads. You don't give a fuck about anything except winning political battles just for the sake of winning. THANK FUCKING GOD you guys are about as incompetent as a Bush in a White House. You have zero ideas. Your entire plan for economic recovery was a fucking poster board. You have zero support in this country, outside of a small percentage of the population. Fuck you.

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No, really Method, let us know how you really feel. :D
I sent this to friends all over the USA. Great job.
I have gone on rants like this in the privacy of my own home, but you get a gold star for putting it on a giant truck in the intertubes.
I couldn't agree more.
Well, keeping with the spirit of this post allow me to say:

Answer to Fuck You #5

We like it here in New Zealand too :)
Good luck USA, would be nice to hear that you managed to get some form of universal health care through. I read somewhere that the measure of any society is how well it treats it's most unfortunate members ...


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