I am new to being a Atheist and I keep having people mostly family question me over and over again.  I find I am at a big disadvantge  because I  don't have a lot of knowledge about the facts and the proof of no god( im not sure if that made sence).  

When I say to them" I just dont believe that is all"  that is not good enought for them. And they keep throwing things at me like bible verses and so forth.  I have not read the bible enought to counter what they are saying.   I feel totally dumb when it comes to those who question me and I hate that.   I think it makes me and other Atheist look bad.  I have made a few attempts to explaine that I do not see any proof for a God and that it is just what I believe.  I have come out and even asked why it matters so much to them what I believe, I am not hurting them in any way. And they say to me prove there is not god.  The best I can say to them is prove there is a god.  They say to me we have faith and then tell me I also have faith for me to belive there is no god it takes faith.  That is just plan crap to me.  But I end up being shut down and I feel it is the lack of my information.

I have tried to read books like  The Making of the Fittest by Sean B. Carroll, Darwin, Christopher Hitchens and to be honest they are hard reads for me.  I have found a book called The homemade Atheist by Betty Brogaard  " A Former Evangelical woman's Freethought Journey to Happiness"  That is a little easier to read. But it does not state many facts or im just missing them.

What I would like help with is, is there some books out there that have facts and information that is a somewhat easy read that will help me stand up to those who come at me. 

I want to learn as much as possible for myslef and so I can have a intelligent conversation.

My husband is a Atheist and we have some really good talks but he is way above my head in his knowledge and I at times feel like im just not getting it.  But I will keep trying.

If anyone has any ideas for some reading I could do to help me out here I would love it. 

I will even keep tying to read the ones that seem hard to me to understand but maybe a few books that are a little simpler to start out with.

I am sorry for the any words not spelled right I am in a hurry and also a bit frustrated as I was hit with questions once again just last night.   I did my best but feel I fell short. 

Thanks for your time and any advie given

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I think as long as people are afraid of death, there will be fairy tales about an after life and a God. It also makes them feel better about lost loved ones, instead of being happy about the life they lived, it makes them feel better to think their loved one is still alive somewhere else. Religious family members always ask me where I think my dad is. I said he lived his life on earth and that was it. I remember all the great things he did. I don't need to think of him floating around to make me feel better.

OMG! I LOVE the Baloney Detection Kit! I got it in a separate short pamphlet from Skeptic Magazine's Catalog.

Also do some research in debating and understanding logical fallacies. One of the best ways to deal with the religious is the burden of proof argument. Here's a short, silly, but easy video about it. Any search on YouTube for "logical fallacies" would give you some good ones to look at as well.  Here's a great website for understanding fallacies.


Thank you for sharing I like the idea of asking them to show me the proof of a god, and keeping it as simple as that. 

Welcome to TA and the Atheist community CJ!


I can understand your position; most of us are in the same boat when we first start this journey.  We can understand why religion is stupid as is the notion of god, but it’s a bit more difficult to explain your reasoning and back them up in a way that can defend and combat the illogical arguments of xians, especially when faced with people who simply spout scriptures for evidence and their whole religion teaches them how to warp their holy book to fit their argument.  Two good videos (They have been posted here) to watch are linked here:



It might give you a bit of understanding especially on something that you will hear repeated a lot called the No True Scotsmen Folly, when ever any xian says: "well... blah blah blah... not a True Christain."  Also


can be used as a quick reference to find a lot of the inconsistencies and wtf moments in the bible.  Best of luck to you and never stop looking for knowledge, it’s our best tool.


Thank you very much

Another tool that I think works in many situations is relating their beliefs to either:

  • a completely different god or gods (eg: Hindu, Greek, Muslim)
  • some other supernatural / fantastic creature (eg: unicorns, leprechauns)

When they give you an argument for their god, most of the time it will work just as well as an argument for a different god or fantastic creature which they don't believe is real.

I think I understand what your saying. 

Oh yeah... I went through that phase too. Try this site... it helped me.

I really like the shifting of the burden of proof.  I never thought of us all starting out as Atheists that I can understand.  Thank you for sharing

Also the Argument from Coercion makes sence to me.

Also, since they're throwing bible verses at you, use this site... 

Skeptics Annotated Bible


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