Me: Evidence that the Bible is simply Mythology: Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib; Job 39:9


God person: Each to their own :)


Me: Tell you better.... There are other versions of the bible that must have been so embarrassed about the 'unicorn' bit that they have replaced it with 'ox'. And yes, others do state it was a metaphor. Typical get out of jail free card.


God Person: 

I thought you didn't believe the bible.. Yet you just used it against itself as evidence to prove its not true. ??? Isn't that impossible..? Why would I need to back it up? And why can't it be a metaphor? And why can't everyone just have their own opinion.. I always get the feeling you can't stand Christians saying their beliefs... yet you are very forth coming with yours.. What makes you different from them... Just because what you believe is different.. Your as determined as them? You believe your right... They believe they are right..? .. x

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You make an excellent point. Not only is the Bible fiction, it's really poorly written fiction. I've forced myself through it before, and it's much worse than the crappiest sci-fi story I've ever read.

As you worded it so perfectly (as per usual), I hope you don't mind that I have stolen some lines for a reply.  If you would like too (and I would love you too), you could add to the 'live' conversation now  ... its the long posting right at the start!!!


Thanks so much!

Anyone from the atheist family is welcome to add me on FB as well.. ty :)

just sent you a request!

love this post and the reply by Nelson. This site is really awesome. So glad i joined :-). ps. any links to any really epic and interesting debates that have happened will be very much appreciated. cheers all.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However some are based on intelligent reasoning formed from studying a subject while other opinions are just handed down.

I reposted this on my facebook. I hope you dont mind. Thanks.

This person has trouble with understanding circular logic - when a religious person uses the bible to prove the bible this is circular logic. You were using the bible to compare against what we know to be true - there are no unicorns. Even if you were using the bible to disprove the bible this would be valid - if a book held to be sacred contradicts itself then this is valid evidence of it being faulty. Compare it to a maths book. If it said that 2 x 6=13, would the fact that it said it twice would be evidence it was right? No -circular logic.

If it says 2x6=13 we prove this faulty using common knowledge

If it says 2x6=13 in one place and 2x6=12 in another we can use the book to prove the book flawed.


This person has a point when he says everyone has their own opinion and if you are the person attacking religion when the conversation was about football you should agree to leave it. If the conversation was about God then you can point out that you have the right to state your opinion whenever others state theirs.

I really like your last paragraph. We should attack first.

Sorry that should have said should NOT attack first. Ha.

If everyone can make up their own opinions, what do we need organized religion for? Why does he listen to priests to tell him what to believe? He can just read the Bible and make up his own religion from it.

How does he decide what is a metaphor and what is literally true? How do we know that he just doesn't declare the inconvenient bits a metaphor and the stuff he believes in as true? Why can't Mary's virginity or Jesus's resurrection be metaphors too?

As for stating your beliefs. Having religious beliefs is fine as long as he keeps them in his church and in private settings. The problem with many theists is that they make them public, demand that everyone share them, demand that they be taught in schools and demand that they be enshrined in laws.

I have been pondering these questions for some 30 years, and all I have been able to come up with is that doing one's own thinking is obviously too painful for a lot of people ...

Being told what to believe is so much easier, especially if one is told, that one is lucky to be in on a big secret, and will be finally be among the few who will be greatly rewarded ...

it seems to me to be the same kind of "thinking", that causes people to subscribe to political parties or conspiracy theories ...

Sometimes I believe that there must be a natural upper limit to the sum of intelligence on a planet, and humanity has increased beyond the point where there was enough for every one ... ;-)



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