Me: Evidence that the Bible is simply Mythology: Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib; Job 39:9


God person: Each to their own :)


Me: Tell you better.... There are other versions of the bible that must have been so embarrassed about the 'unicorn' bit that they have replaced it with 'ox'. And yes, others do state it was a metaphor. Typical get out of jail free card.


God Person: 

I thought you didn't believe the bible.. Yet you just used it against itself as evidence to prove its not true. ??? Isn't that impossible..? Why would I need to back it up? And why can't it be a metaphor? And why can't everyone just have their own opinion.. I always get the feeling you can't stand Christians saying their beliefs... yet you are very forth coming with yours.. What makes you different from them... Just because what you believe is different.. Your as determined as them? You believe your right... They believe they are right..? .. x

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You can't really argue with anyone who believes in miracles and that "anything is possible through God." God is amazing! He can make round squares, turn water into wine, wine into blood, and while he hasn't shown us what he can turn blood into (Bourbon whiskey?), I'm sure he has some other trick up his sleeve.


The Bible is full of weird shit like demons which Jesus (apparently no animal rights activist) drove into pigs just before driving the pigs over a cliff as I recall.


Personally, I don't evangelize atheism. I reply with great force if someone tries to evangelize me, but if someone wants to believe utter nonsense, such is their right.

Daniele - Bravo, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Just want to point out that the original debate was on facebook and ended up about 35 posts long... I really value the help on TA so thanks for that. All I did was post on FB as I normally do. I never attack religious posts. I only put my point across if a) its on my page or b) I agree with something on someones page.


Feel free to add me on FB.. can sometimes do with the help :)  address is earlier in the posting


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