For those who haven't seen the recent post i put up I'm in the pre-production stage of creating a independent  documentary that investigates the relationship between religious decline and internet growth. 

Read Here.

I'm currently composing a list of potential Interviewee's for the documentary and would like some recommendations. Or if possible some contact information/introductions to people you believe would make good candidates. 

We plan to shoot late spring/early summer 2014.

I highly appreciate any input and please ask if you have any questions regarding the film. 

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I would just like to give this a signal boost as the doc is still going strong and we have started organising interviews, gathering equipment, hiring locations and all the other planning needed to bring this film to life. 

The crew and I really could do with as much help as possible though as the project is fully independent, we don't have any prior contact with big name atheists, we are funding this our selves and all while trying to do other jobs. 

So if there is anything anyone could do to help this project please contact me. 

We also now have a information booklet. If you are interested I can e-mail a copy of to you. 

Thanks guys. 

Hello Dan,

I love your film idea. Here is some feedback on the questions you posed:

Q - First of all do you agree there is a connection between the two and if not/so why? 

A - Yes. Religion flourished due to their information management practices, including disinformation. This is 2014, and the Information Age is in full swing. When it comes to their doctrines and preachings appearing accurate, time is certainly not on their side.

Q - Secondly, how much do thou think the internet has influenced your relationship or lack there of with faith? 

A - The internet has helped solidify long standing suspicions. For example, when I learned online that 'The Bible' is factually a pieced together, rewritten and plagiarized document, it really takes the legs out from underneath any sense of validity.

I'm a musician, I've studied philosophy for years. I can remember being in Sunday School around age 9 or 10, and they didn't like my questions any more than I liked their answers.

Good luck with your film project. I'd also be happy to help you with music or with an interview.



Thanks so much for the positive feedback. Can you link me to your music?

My most recent recordings are from several years ago

These three songs are rock instrumentals, but I can write and record with any instrument in any style. Just for fun, here's a link to my youtube channel

Yes, I set two Guinness World Records for continuous guitar playing in 2008 (the longer of the two was for just over 60 hours). The record has since been beaten :)


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