For those who haven't seen the recent post i put up I'm in the pre-production stage of creating a independent  documentary that investigates the relationship between religious decline and internet growth. 

Read Here.

I'm currently composing a list of potential Interviewee's for the documentary and would like some recommendations. Or if possible some contact information/introductions to people you believe would make good candidates. 

We plan to shoot late spring/early summer 2014.

I highly appreciate any input and please ask if you have any questions regarding the film. 

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Go for it Belle. 

I've sent you a friend request. 

If I was living in the UK I would totally volunteer. 

It might be a long shot, but since you are in the UK, you might want to chance your arm and contact the Richard Dawkins Foundation. You never know he might be interested. 

Good look Dan, hope its a success. 

Funny enough the sound man for the project is from NI. Stay in touch. 

Its at the top of my list. 


Will do :)

Much appreciated. Thank you. 

A good person to interview is Monica. You can also catch her on twitter @Monicks

She has a lot of influence in the social media sphere to provide good insight on that front.

Also, if you need some promotion I can give you some free tweets from the TA twitter account and a side bar ad for say a week on TA if you would like.

I could even send a site wide broadcast (email blast about it).

I've added her.

That would be a HUGE help, thank you. 


Hemant Mehta and Greta Christina are two of by favorite atheist bloggers. They're also published authors and very engaging public speakers. I think they'd be interested in contributing because they're very passionate about what they do.

When I began to examine my doubts about deism, I found a lot of mom and pop websites with great content (gotta love comic sans!). But one of the most affirming resources was the section on atheism. It was persuasive and easy to understand for a newby. Cline's assertive, dignified attitude about who atheists are helped me keep find acceptance, even a bit of pride--despite a lifetime of brainwashing designed to convince me that crossing the threshold into atheism meant I had become evil incarnate, would lead an immoral, meaningless life, and that I needed to hide my deconversion.

you know, i never thought about this, the internet clearly rocks!

All hail the internet, no one shall truly know the internet, except through the blessed google, that came from the internet, yet is the internet.  And google said "come onto me, and ask me, and ye shall know" and also said "know not the porn, as it filled with viruses, know only funny videos on youtube and ye shall be enlightened"


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