Look at what L. Ron Hubbard did. People will line up to read the most obviously specious crap. I understand why Americans become Christian. They grow up with it and simply absorb it. But why in the world does someone decide to become a Scientologist. This is a religion whose innermost secrets are rather obviously the invention of a sci fi author. And guess who that might be?

I'm sure Scientology made LRH a bundle and right now I'd like to get off my Top Ramen and chili dog diet and ride around in a stretch limo with a champagne bar and a cadre of bodyguards and a bevy (whatever that is) of 20 year old porn actresses. That would be when I'm not in international waters in my 400 ft yacht.

To get there, I need to invent a religion even more outrageous than Scientology. 

What should its core beliefs be? Is it possible to outdo LRH?

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"Church of Maximum Headroom"

I see only one problem, once Unseen gets in there won't be room for anyone else. :)

Don't forget that he's from the planet zorg-zorg!

He needs bigger balls, he is a doG after-all.

Say you're God, and can do everything. no one can ask for proof because that would be  questioning god. And you know what happens to those people... you smite them of course!

Sounds kind of silly doesn't it? but people swallow it up, and they;ll do it again!

I'd give you some idea's...

but then I'd have to kill you!(joke)

I've been telling my friends ever since I was in my 20's that I'm gonna do this,

and I'm not giving away the good stuff!(but I will say this,you're on the right track, LRH(the crazy bastard!) was on the right track,a mix of Science,Sci Fi,and good ol' timey religion is the way to go nowadays)

I had been thinking of basing it on a god named Equinox, who is a kind of cross, a horsy cow (equine+ox, get it?).

On a serious note, I had a thought that, it would be HILARIOUS to actual start a movement that turned into a religion of sorts, all for the hell of it, get people, stupid people to buy into it, and once enough people do, sit them down and tell them, I lied to you, get your heads out of your asses and start using your brains and think critically. I lied to you outright, it was all bullshit, and you are lucky I wasn't scamming you, but there are hundreds out there trying to do the same.

Have you seen the movie Kumare? It's about a guy who becomes a fake guru and gets a small following. Eventually he feels guilty about fooling his followers and comes clean. The link above will take you to Netflix, where it is streamable, if you subscribe.

lol I have never even heard of it XD I should look it up now.

Wow, I watched this just last week! This cannot be mere coincidence... I think I almost felt goosebumps, I just now.


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