Okay, I gets is isn't really a discussion question, but too bad. I'm new to this website, and I don't really know how to work it. Pointers? Instructions? Informational videos with all the answers? Also, I wanted to reply to a blog, but there was option for me to? Why? How do I comment? Thanks.

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When you tried to reply to the blog, and you couldn't, then either you weren't signed in, or the blog was closed to comments for some reason.  I can't think why else it would be. 

When you're commenting, it's best to wait for the page to finish loading when you "Add Reply" otherwise your comment might be lost and you might think you're being censored or something, as someone did recently. 

Since you post a lot of comments, you might find it hard to keep track of them.  You might find it easier to locate them either through the front page news feed or your profile page. 

Hello Myah,

Welcome to the site. I am a site moderator. You can post replies on any subject you wish to. Please keep our site guidelines in mind though. We have quite a few Christian members and some are here for a few years and continue to read posts even if they don’t reply very often. We are very used to Christians (or Muslims) that only want to proselytize to us thinking that we do not know anything about their respective gods. We do. Many of us know the Koran or Bible better than many of them do. Many of our members were once believers in one god or another.

You are welcome to post your own discussions too. One thing we value here is that all assertions and claims should come with supporting evidence or reference. The more extraordinary the claim, the greater the need to do so. So, just jump right on in. Any questions, just ask.

I find it's best to "Stop Following" by e-mail rather than "Follow" otherwise your inbox gets filled up double quick. 

Simon, you could set up a yahoo, hotmail or gmail email account simply for TA Mail. I find it helps my antiquated self keep track :)

I did, but it just kept getting swamped.  But it's an option for those who prefer it. 

Myah, whatever you click, you're not going to break the site! Just click and mess around with it until it starts to make sense. Look forward to hearing more from you once you get the hang of it all :)

Come back Myah, you happy lunatic  :-P


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