My 16 year old daughter is getting hit from all sides for admitting to being an atheist.  My daughter doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, and hasn't had sex yet..... but she is going to hell according to all of her friends who just happen to do ALL OF THE ABOVE!  

She is a very smart kid and usually just laughs it off and occasionally tells her "friends" that she isn't really an atheist, she just believes in Odin and bases that on of the lack of Ice Giants still roaming the earth. That Odin at least kept THAT promise, a far better record than the christian god.  Blank stares usually follow.

What are some short and sweet retorts she can use?  And bare in mind that, quite obviously she is dealing with kids that have sub room temperature IQs.  

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I would say do 1. first to show them you're not a pussy, then 2. from a position of strength, to make friends with the poor frightened alienated person and educate them in how to be a proper human being, instead of a dickhead who bothers people they perceive as weak.


Yes, pretty much.  What's wrong with that?  One less bully in the world. 

By "confront" I mean stand up to, and preferably, intimidate them. 

People respond to being opposed.

Jared - maybe I am talking rubbish. I do know one person who would definitely do exactly that, but he's got 1000-watt charisma and is built like a brick shit-house.

I've been dealing with a bully recently. Things are a lot quieter now. What I did was:

- gave it to him with BOTH BARRELS using words
- said to him "we all need to fuck up, otherwise how else can we learn?"
- hinted that the reason he bothers me so much is that I'm such a pretty-boy.

The guy has self-esteem of about 0.01%, and he takes it out on everyone around him, while not knowing what else to do. He's actually quite likeable for some reason.

She could turn around and say "being religious is supposed to be about having good morals, but you don't have any"

Or she could just find new friends

I like the suggestion that she work on a good, condescending smile to demonstrate her standing and keep her cool.  And from there, what if she had a set of "go to" questions that she can ask her tormenters in a way that she appears to be asking for advice, while suggesting points to ponder, to them. These pondering points never score immediately; ...they work over time.  But the objective is to get them to realize that they're the ones who are behind the times.  But you need to confront them as an earnest seeker.  When you ask for advice, people change their attitude.  

Something like:  

"OK - so can you please help me? The thing is, I feel like a kindergartner who is the only one in class who knows the truth about Santa Claus and y'all are beating me up for it.  Please help me know what should I do here?"  -- ...maybe go on about how Santa is a childish myth that we go along with, but is left behind when we grow up.  

or -- "OK - can you help me?  I feel like I'm black-skinned and y'all are wearing sheets and pointy hats -- and ...what can I do here? Help me understand about why you believe in such an incredible being as God."    (most won't interpret "incredible" literally, so that will "zing" over their heads, while giving you a little satisfaction)  

Then once you start a dialog, it has a chance to be productive and respectful.  And maybe some will remember your words and internalize the logic.  

Of course, this all seems like a movie -- when the perfect scenario is paired with the perfect lines. It's a tough thing to reason with believers. The bottom line is, you can only penetrate them individually, and over time.  So your tactics should reflect that. 

@Atom - RE: "It's a tough thing to reason with believers."


These are very, very good.  

Sadly, very smart kids can get religion also, even a good-enough mind is needed to keep track of all the good/bad parts. Religion will work just as well as bad shoes, funky cloths, older cars, etc, for youthful 'reasons' for bullying. Sounds like her 'friends' are a little thin on 'christian kindness'. Some of this happened to me in school, so I decided to spin it on it's head and go after them when it suited me. Most religious kids will get hell from their parents for bullying, but they need to know about it. As a mature atheist, this could become a sad duty for you.

You both might look into a local atheist group for training and fellowship, but just report bullying might work as well. 

I was harrashed before, during, and after my HS graduation for my disenchantment with the commencement prayer. I had spend 6 years in a catholic school time share, and was royally sick of religion by the time I graduated.


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