A christian friend of mine has issued this challenge to re-read Genesis as a document rather than a religious book:


"But if you read Genesis as described you may see that I am talking about another angle completely, I am not referring to God beingall around us, hidden in the open, plain to see when you are aware, I am actually talking about a different system, people group, thing etc that is still with us here today, (literally everywhere).


I mentioned the bible because it gives a very accurate account of genealogy, etc that can trace certain peoples etc...and high lights what we see around us every day. (Not talking about creation, or things to do with the fall of man, there is an even bigger agenda here)


The scientific, historical and archeological evidence that I refer to is not from any Christian source, it is independent information that I have managed to research from many sources over the years none of them being Christian in origin, but... they still tie perfectly together."


What does this mean and where do I start with this?




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You'd have to ask him.  There is zero evidence for things like the flood, so I have no idea at all what he's saying.  I mean let's face it, the flood would leave a signature in out MtDNA that would be simple to see.  The flood would leave a signature in the geology my cat could read, and it just ain't there.


I'd write this off to lying for Jesus mostly.

I now have a mental image of a cat in a hardhat staring intently at an instance of the KT boundary


Okay, all good. He had nothing....just a smoke screen based on the normal biblical inacuracies and some rather worrying news that appearntly Jesus is highly likely to return next year....

"What if I was to say that a man is soon to declare himself to be the true messiah (Jesus) and will be able to prove his claim in just a few years’ time, in fact quite possibly (very possibly) next year?"

wow watch this space...

Should we set up a poll?  This could be fun!  I'm in for Rick Perry...unless your friend is Catholic or Mormon......then, I've got nothing.  

lol...no he is a denominationless christian in the UK. They all attend family church http://www.family-church.org.uk (as did I when I was deluded)   ;-)

   I suggest starting with his appalling "accurate account of genealogy" claim.  WHICH "accurate" account: "Matthew" or "Luke"?  They give TOTALLY different genealogies of the line of descendants from Adam to Abraham.  Not only are the names completely different, so are the number of generations.  They can't possibly both be correct; so why assume that EITHER is correct?

   I would also suggest that you accept his challenge and read "Genesis" carefully.  It's hilarious, and so full of logical holes it makes a piece of Swiss cheese look solid and unblemished.  The silly story of Noah and the ark alone is so preposterous that anyone who actually believes it is completely separated from reality.  Your friend evidently believes that this old man and his three sons built an ark out of "gopher wood" - a boat that would dwarf the Queen Mary; and that he then crammed it full of a pair of every one of the millions of species of animal in the world, from cockroaches to dinosaurs, then drifted around for months with only one small window to let out the stench of all the urine, feces, and rotten, unrefrigerated food appropriate for each species.  Your friend is a total idiot. 

There are also two different creation stories


The first one is Genesis 1:3-2:4
The second is Genesis 2:4-25

In the first story, god completes Earth with all living things. Including humans. This is the Apollo 8 Christmas reading if you know that. Parted heaven and Earth. Let there be light and all that

In the second story, no plants have been created and he hasn't created mankind yet. The rest is the standard Garden Eden story, but the start of it directly contradicts the first story. Plants are also created after humans. The original even uses a different name for God

I smell a cover up here. I wonder how a xian would try to explain these conflicts away?


As far as Biblical scholarship is concerned they are usually considered two different stories with different origins

The first one is basically a much older creation myth. The second one is more of a morality tale with an emphasis on what humans did

Accurate geneology...hahahaha!!!


How accurate can a geneology be that claims people lived for hundreds of years?:

Adam lived 930 years. (Genesis 5:5)

Seth lived 912 years.(Genesis 5:8)

Methuselah lived 969 years.(Genesis 5:27)

And Noah lived 950 years. (Genesis 9:29)


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