A christian friend of mine has issued this challenge to re-read Genesis as a document rather than a religious book:


"But if you read Genesis as described you may see that I am talking about another angle completely, I am not referring to God beingall around us, hidden in the open, plain to see when you are aware, I am actually talking about a different system, people group, thing etc that is still with us here today, (literally everywhere).


I mentioned the bible because it gives a very accurate account of genealogy, etc that can trace certain peoples etc...and high lights what we see around us every day. (Not talking about creation, or things to do with the fall of man, there is an even bigger agenda here)


The scientific, historical and archeological evidence that I refer to is not from any Christian source, it is independent information that I have managed to research from many sources over the years none of them being Christian in origin, but... they still tie perfectly together."


What does this mean and where do I start with this?




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Like it...

Btw, the Flood story showed up first in 'Gilgamesh'. Even down to packing up the animals and sending out the birds.

The guy is just talking arse I could note all the points our friends have made but it wouldn't help. To convince a xian or any of the other religions of the truth they need to be willing to be convinced. A bit like an alcoholic or drug addict having to accept their addiction.

Besides all of this it sounds like he is just trying to bamboozle you with a load of crap. As i for one couldn't really see the point of his argument. Did he say all of this to you in a hushed voice? As he is seeing patterns where their are none. 


Your friend's writing sounds ominous and pregnant with purpose, but doesn't actually seem to say anything.  

I am actually talking about a different system, people group, thing etc that is still with us here today, (literally everywhere)

Well, which is it?  A system?  A people or group?  A thing?  And its "everywhere?"  What the hell does that mean?

...gives a very accurate account of genealogy

Really?  How do you know it's accurate?  According to what source?  The Bible itself, perhaps?  Just because it bears a list of names doesn't mean it is accurate, in fact I doubt there is a shred of independent evidence that supports those genealogies. 

The scientific, historical and archeological evidence...

Make him show you. Chances are he will produce purported evidence of a world wide flood.  You can skip right over it -- how is that evidence for a 6-day creation?  Or man created whole from nothing?   Or woman coming from a rib?  Or talking snakes?  Yes, parts of the earth that are now dry land used to be covered with water.  Brilliant observation.  Science has an extremely detailed understanding of this history, and the mechanisms behind it.  And Genesis is still just a poorly-assembled mostly borrowed mythology.

In the end, you don't have to take the bait.  Just keep asking your questions, and remain happily unconvinced.  It isn't incumbent upon you to defend or debate anything.  He's the one chasing Leprechauns.





Not to flog a dead horse, as I can see many people have already commented on this, but your friend has not provided any supporting evidence in the statements you posted. He/she merely mentioned their opinion of Genesis in a way that sounded influencing to those with scientific/secular perspectives. Also, I don't know how the Bible could provide accurate evidence of ANYTHING since it has no author and each version of the Bible counters its own claims, not to mention John, Luke, Mathew, and Mark couldn't agree on the same sighting when Jesus "escaped his tomb", so how can anything be taken as viable?

It took a turn to the odd...I kept the entire email transcript for future reference. Think he may be a touch gullible and into some conspiracy theories.

Hardly seems surprising. Magical thinking can lead you down some incredibly strange paths. Would be interested to know what other things your friend dips his toe into.


He is very happy to tell everyone that he does allot of 'research' but not that keen to give details. For example, he has yet to actually provide said verses from Genesis and their 'meaning'...

when confronted with biblical literacy and authentication (etc) I always take a more philosophical approach, for instance, for arguement's sake the entire bible is true, the morals depicted are nothing short of melevolence.

So if my morals don't match his morals how am I created in his image?

I find that breaking it down into philosophical concepts like that it negates any validity to biblical claims as my morals or that of a well raised two year old has a better moral system.

Also, I love "well Troy as written in the Illiad was proven to exist, but no cyclopse skeletons"

(this applies primarily to the judeo christian version of god...mind you....


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