I personally do not believe in such things, but it makes me wonder why some of the people I know, really genuine, nice and truthful people, tell me these things that makes it hard to tell them to their face "You were halluccinating or possibly paranoid, it's not possible" If you guys can please help me, this is the only question I have on my mind! : Can you please help me figure out the reason why my co-worker, who I believe doesn't make stuff up, sees and feels paranormal phenomenon?

He told me this story about how all his life there's been something following him, and when he was little, about 8 or 10, he wouldn't believe in ghosts or demons because he thought it was nonsense, that's what his family told him and believed too. So when stuff would happen, he would say "There's an explanation for that" He truly didn't believe in that stuff. But it would still happen: Hearing noises, stuff flying in front of his eyes. At this point I asked clearly if he thought maybe he was paranoid or imagining it happen. He then said "Well if I was, I clearly was imaging all my life about my bed shaking and all the noises from different houses right?" I asked what makes him certain that it's a demon or ghosts. He then said that he thinks he's been possessed, that his mom saw him with glowing red eyes. He didn't believe at first either, he said there was no way scientifically that could happen. Then she showed him a video she recorded so she could have proof. He said everything was true. The final thing that made me weirded out was when he said recently it's come back, something's come back, and it's been messing with everything: furniture moving aroud and what not. THEN he said he's PHYSICALLY SEEN his roomate being DRAGGED from the floor!?! and that lighting candles and other religous stuff stopped it, but it wou ld continue. Sooooo, please give me reasons to be safe and know that some of this stuff is just in his head. He wasn't a believer and a skeptic, but he's said that it's happened and no matter what people say, that they aren't living it, and he has nothing to hide. He wants to show me the video and wants me to go over to see for myself about the phenomenon. So please help clarify this. Thanks!

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Thank You!

Sounds like he is having nightmares after watching paranormal activity movies. 

He is most likely manifesting his own reality in his mind based on what he already knows.  He obviously is not manifesting gods/demons from other religions--but he is manifesting the "red eyed" ones from our Christianized modern world which are regularly portrayed as such in movies and books.  This is cultural relativism.  Now, if he thought he was being possessed by Gorgon, and never heard of that demon before, he would have a better case. 

Our minds are very powerful--more powerful than most realize, and your friend seems to believe what is happening to him--but it is just his mind playing tricks on him.  He needs professional help, and I hope that he gets it. 

Thank You Cathy!

So far everyone in the comments is dead on with their advice. Do not go to this guy's home alone. Also, ask him to give you a copy of the video, we would all love to see it.

As far as him "physically seeing" and all that... People can convince themselves of anything.

My mother in law swears on her life that her roommate (a 50 year old Catholic woman) is a drug dealer. She swears that the people who live in the apartment under theirs have dug a secret tunnel from their apartment into her roommate's closet, and they use it to sell drugs and climb through at night to watch TV in her apartment.She also swears that in the apartments across the street, there is a person watching her day and night.
She also swears that her roommate is possessed by Satan.
She also thinks that my book of ancient history and mythology is a book about the devil, and that rock music is the devil.

She is a very nice, honest and good person, but she thinks some pretty nutty things.
The mind has a powerful imagination, and can be very convincing at times.

The things your friend describes; moving furniture, red eyes, bed shaking, is all so cliche. Every horror movie or story which involves ghosts or demons has one, or all of those things happening.

If he is so worried about this, why would he go to you.. Why not a doctor, or a priest if all the religious symbolism helped. Why does he feel the need to "prove" anything to you?

I wholeheartedly call utter bullshit on all of it.

I say get the video from him, upload it here, let us dissect it. Some of us have experience with video editing and effects, we can see how "real" it is.

I will try my best to get a copy of the video for you all to see it. I hope he gets help but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't go through, he truly believes. All of this is cliche, I don't want to tell him to his face "There is no demons" cuz then he might get "possessed" right then and there. Thank you!

Yeah, I am by no means suggesting that you confront him about his delusions, unless you are in a very safe environment, where he can't get "possessed" and do any real harm to himself or others.

As for the help, a psychiatrist would be beneficial, but I agree that he would never go for that, just like my mother in law didn't let me go into her roommate's room to inspect the secret closet tunnel.

I say keep your distance from this guy. Be friendly and all, but you gotta know when to walk away. Preferably before it gets "too" crazy.

Crazy people are everywhere, you can't help but meet one once in a while.

Why do you feel it's your job to fix him?

Yeah, it was crazy when he was telling me these things. I was all in my head "Mann, I thought you were really cool, but c'mon not that stuff -_-" I feel bad for him. I don't really feel itt's my job, but I don't want him to hurt himself or it to get too chaotic.

Thank you all again for your comments, each one is spot on!

Go dressed like this and be like "Alright, let's do this thing."

And then walk around the room saying "Awww, yeah, I'm getting some really strong ectoplasmic readings here, man."

Best suggestion so far. :)


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