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This list is more interesting for what it leaves off. I wonder if you're off the hook if your hobby is missing from the list. Lets see: already mentioned: murderers, rapists, plus; sadists, masochists, beastility(ists) err animal lovers, politicians, gluttons, narcissists, transvestites, etc.
I was reading the list on the image and I got stuck on pot smokers. Really? God cares if someone smokes pot? Evidently meth heads, heroine addicts, crack smokers, and everyone else is a-ok but have a drink or smoke a joint, and you're going to HELL!!

Which is fine. If I can smoke pot in hell, I'll go to hell. At least it'll be mildly amusing.

And actually, it even makes sense that they wouldn't put hard drug abusers on the list as people who abuse (I'm not talking dabblers, I'm talking abusers) harder drugs tend to do a bit of brain damage to themselves, making them better candidates for religious conversion anyway. Those people are doing half the work of the missionaries for them!

I'm totally going to smoke a bowl
Unfortunately this list includes too many Christians for my liking. If there was a personal hell for me it would include the Christians on that list.
Drunkard - no
Liar - yes
Thief - see my music collection...
Sports fan - mostly just Baseball
Blasphemer - Screw God, Jesus, and the Angels. Satan's all right, though... Wouldn't mind me a hot devil chick, either... :D
Money-Lover - Actually, I hate having money, but I love having things. I need money to have things, so...
Pagan - I was for a little while, and in some ways still enjoy it... in a purely naturalistic sense.
Homosexual - Nope... straight as an arrow
Prostitutes - No...
Witch - I've done magic, but the fake kind...
Atheist - No sh*t, Sherlock...
Gambler - Does spending about $10 total on Mega-Millions a year when the Jackpot is over $100 million count?
Porn-Lover - Prefer the amateur stuff to the fake, "professional" crap (mostly because it's hotter when she's getting the most pleasure), but HELLS YEAH! (sorry feminists... please don't hate me)
Whoremongers - Um... what does this even mean?
Child Molesters - You know what... I'd actually agree with them on this one... hate these people about as much as I hate rapists and serial killers...
Evolutionist - I am also a Gravityist, a Big-Bangist, a DNAist, and a Germist.
Pot smoker - Um... duh
Lesbian - If I'm not straight, then I'm a Lesbian trapped in a man's body (kinda like Eddie Izzard... though I've never worn women's clothes before).
Fornicators - I am quite sad to admit that, at 22 (23 in May), this still does not apply to me. FML.
Masturbators - It's all I have right now... (okay... not entirely true... I also have music and food and exercise and porn... :P)
Hypocrites - Why do I feel like this would apply quite well to those people surrounding that sign and the person or people holding it?
Psychics - No, thank FSM. That would suck...
Drunkard: No
Liar: Little white lies like everyone tells at some point. If thats enough to get you to Hell, Heaven would be pretty damn empty
Thieves: Do free MP3's count?
Sports Fans: Not really
Blasphemer: Oh Jesus, fuck yeah!
Money-Lover: I like it well enough
Pagan: No, although I looked into it at one point
Homosexual: yes
Prostitute: Not in a billion years
Witch: I brought a gris-gris bag once as a souvenir...
Atheist: and proud of it
Gambler: Do scratch cards count?
Porn lover: Nah
Whoremonger: Not that I know of
Child Molester: Definately not. This is probably the only one that actually deserves to be up there
Evolutionist: I'm a yes
Pot smoker: I did hookah once, which may or may not have contained an illegal substance, but otherwise no
Lesbian: Yes. This one is just redundant. I think he just wanted both sides of the list to be even
Fornicator: Not yet
Masturbator: Nope
Hypocrite: Maybe sometimes, but no where near the level most fundies are at
Psychic: No, but I could probably stare at a tea leaf and make shit up if I wanted to

It's way easier for me to list the things on the list not sending me to hell.

Child Molester
Lesbian (for some reason I was disqualified)

Yeah I do or have done everything else.


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