[Ps... if you don't feel confortable with one of these... just put... "one of these not specified" in it's place. ^_^]

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Why am I going to hell:
- Drunkard [on occasion - I even entered chat once drunk... and you could tell because I was slurring in text. lol]
- Liar [GUILTY!! And if anyone says they're not guilty! You're a dirty liar! lol]
- Sports Fan [ I enjoy myself some baseball and (American) football]
- Blaphemer [Cheeses is Lard! Cheeses dried for our shins!]
- Money-Lover [Okay... I admit it! I like cash!]
- Atheist [DUH!!!]
- Gambler [I enjoy nice poker games! LET'S GET SOME STRIP POKER GOING! YEAH! Or maybe some beer pong!]
- Evolutionist [Okay... so I'm going to Hell because I know the truth?! WTF?!]
- Mastrubator [If you don't do this... you're not normal]
- Hypocrite [Okay... so sometimes I am a hypocrite! CRUCIFY ME JEBUS!!]
Oh... I forgot Thief. - I'm an internet pirate. Arggh!!
Damn, why was I cursed with this awesome psychic ability?!
Damn, why was I cursed with this awesome masturbation ability!?
Interesting... I notice how the person has separated "homosexuals" and "lesbians." Are they unaware that lesbians ARE homosexuals? Or do they just deny that a woman that isn't interested in men could possibly be JUST THAT... not interested in men? - When I listen to homophobic talk about lesbians... it's like the homophobe cannot consider the possibility that a woman could be uninterested in sexual relationships with men for any other reason than "she hates men?" WTH is up with that anyway? I know a couple lesbians and they definitely DON'T hate men. This protester has [implicitly] denied that lesbians are REALLY homosexuals... which reveals that he/she [can't see person holding sign] is also a sexist in disguise.
I am asking the same question...maybe because we cheer for something other than God?
I'm just guessing here.
I think it's considered "idol worship" or something. lol
This is such a great point!

I thought the same thing, I was expecting them to spell something wrong myself.
12/22 for me. Hmm... I must be on their "Shoot to kill" list...
I can't believe they would say "pagans". That is so like them to accept nothing but their own...
Well, Hell is supposed to be unpleasant, and theres nothing more unpleasant than being surrounded by Christian Fundamentalists for all eternity.


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