Good morning! 

I've had roughly a pot of coffee already so my intro might be a bit...jittery. 
My name is Jenny. I'm a noober. 
I am a former fundie kid. I grew up in the same homeschooling cult that the Duggars are in and actively promote. The name of the cult is the Institute of Basic Life Principles and/or the Advanced Training Institute of America. 
My husband and I both were raised in this cult. We have both transitioned from Christianity into atheism. I am grateful to have been able to make this journey with someone who understands much of what I struggled with. 
After a lot of researching the Bible, I decided to leave Christianity roughly eight years ago. A combination of my own research leaving gaping holes in the "whys" of what I believed and seeing such horrible things done within the faith is pretty much the reason I walked away. I found that I could not, in good conscience, raise my children in Christianity. 
One of the best parts of leaving Christianity has been the sheer freedom I have felt. I have lost many friends and family members acceptance for having walked away but it is worth it. So incredibly worth it. 

Annnyhoo..I dunno what else to throw into an intro. So, thank for letting me hang out here. :)

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People who base their relationship choices strictly on religious preferences, don't know much about being friends in the first place, you can't lose something you never had.

Welcome, take off your shoes and settle in, and bring the hubby --

Hi and welcome!

Hello, Jenny. I am also new here. It is amazing the feeling of liberation one experiences when casting aside religious fetters.  Just remember that family members or friends who will love and accept you only so long as you conform to their belief structures are not are not truly loving and accepting.  Those who stick by you no matter what you do, say or believe - those are your true friends.  You should cherish them, because they are few and far between. Congratulations on making an informed decision and walking away from what you were taught to believe because it didn't feel right. 

Best wishes for the future,


Welcome to TA Jenny.

The intro you have done is just perfect, you need not add to it.


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