Hello my name is Jeff and I'm an atheist. I have gone through the motions of religions for most of my life. I was raised as a Jehovah Witness from a very young age until about the age of 15. After I left that cult It basically was social suicide, I lost the relationship with my Mother and chose to move in with my Dads side of the family. I lived with my Grandmother in Georgia. Private schools are very abundant in the south and I went to high school at a Baptist funded private school. When I got there I found it difficult because a lot of the kids in school didnt like "yankees" I was befriended by a religious crowed and fell into going to a baptist church with my new found "friends" I went to this church from my sophomore year until the beginning of my senior year, after that I woke up again and discovered that I want nothing to do with religion. I live in the bible belt where there are many churches, and many religious people. Within the past few years I have become very interested in anti-theistic views and topics which led me to find this site on stumbleupon.com. Religion is a topic that I find I love to debate about, although around here it is hard to find anyone that will listen. I feel it is important for atheists to stop being timid and speak about the dangers of religion.

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Welcome, Jeff. I agree -- atheists need to be out, especially in the bible belt.


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