Just thought I'd drop in to say hello and introduce myself.


I am from South Wales, UK.  I am afraid I don't have any exciting background as to why I am an atheist, I have always been one I guess!  I haven't believed for as long as I can remember, but it was only recently that my husband and I started to find all these amazing resources/podcasts etc and we were like "Aha"!!  It's been like coming home, hearing all these people talking sense and logic, in a world where people don't think about much anymore.  It is very comforting to know there are lots more people like me out there! I get so frustrated with the 'general public' and don't identify with many of my peers - who are obsessed with reality TV, TV in general and don't have any capacity for independent thought!! Seen as I don't watch TV, don't read the newspapers and like to think logically - they think I am 'weird'.  However, that's just the way I like it and my worst nightmare would be to be just the same as them - argh!!


There you go, that's me in a nutshell. The rest is irrelevant, but I am sure it will all emerge as I get to know you :-p  Looking forward to chatting with you all :-D



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Hey Natasha, welcome to TA.

The sheep who follow the idiotic TV crowd(there is a good TV crowd, being a Brit you gotta watch Dr. Who!) & think they are better than the ones who don't like watching crap.

Anyways, hope you find our company enjoyable. You can join us in the chat room, the buttons are on the bottom right hand corner.

PS - I love the Welsh accent.

Sorry, no Dr Who for me! Not since I was a young child and Dr Who was really authentic, with cardboard sets and Daleks where you could see the actors feet underneath!!  Thanks for the welcome.  (I've just said all that in my most singiest (made up word) strong Welsh accent, just for you!)

Don't like Dr. Who!!


Cheers Nelson :-)


It's been like coming home...

Beautifully put. I felt the same way when I found these communities. This one is my favorite.


Hi, Natasha.  We really are living in a backwards world where logic and reason are not in the mainstream.  Lucky we have a group like this!  Looking forward to chatting with you, too. 

Hi Natasha! Im new here too, and Im an atheist becuse my parents did not care for religion. And I really share the "coming home" feeling I got when reading posts and seing videos of likeminded people. Got to disagree with your opinion of tv though =p I really feel that most realityshows are stupid and mindnumbing. But there are some great and smart series out there too! Welcome anyways =)


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