Hey Everyone.  I've never been a religious person... or even a very ethically active person.  But recently I've recently taken a greater interest in contributing to the atheist community.  This isn't due to one thing in particular, but more gradual.


Don't really have much more to say than that at the moment, but I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and having open discussion on topics that are typically banned or frowned-upon elsewhere.

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great to have you!  and if I may ask, what brings you atheism in particular?

oh, i can't remember ever believing in God.  Maybe at times i would have called myself Agnostic, but only because I didn't care that much to really make a decision one way or another.


But in the last few years (thanks to guys like Frank Zappa, Richard Dawkins, etc) I've developed a bit more passion for the subject.

Hi Erik - I'm new to this site, too, and I too look forward to open discussions that are frowned upon elsewhere. And from Texas, elsewhere is pretty much everywhere.


I've noticed a lot of my fellow atheists here are former Christians, but I'm like you, I don't ever remember believing in god. I remember swinging, by myself, and looking skyward, at the so-called heavens, and thinking......gimme a break. That's pretty unusual, from what I gather.


Last night, I went to my stepdaughter's wedding. I've known she is "not religious"; but that's about all she would cop to. Well......now I know! There was not one mention of God, Jesus, blessings, prayers, anything. Absolutely and completely secular. You go, girl! I loved it.


Fellow atheists: check out a movie called "The Sweet Hereafter". It's about the aftermath of a bus accident that kills a bunch of kids. Morbid subject, but great movie. And....not mentioned, not in any scene, not ever: god. Loved it.

Yeah... My parents used to take my brother and me to Church.  I don't think either of them actually believed it either, but did it for the community and ethical direction.  But I clearly remember eating the cracker and grape juice and thinking, even at the age of 6 or 7, "Body and blood?  You can't be serious.  But whatever, snacks are cool."


And I even went to a Jesuit Catholic High School.  Again, not because my parents thought I should for religion, but to compete on their Basketball team.  There I got a pretty heavy dose of theology, and learned there really isn't decent explanation for any of the supernatural crap that Catholicism promotes.  I remember one of the most fun parts of going to a Catholic High School was sitting alone in the bleachers while everyone else got up to take sacrament during the all-school masses.  I started bringing my own snacks.  :)

We had an aggressively religious manager at the restaurant where I work a few years ago (he's long gone now). He would actually conduct prayers before shifts that revolved around religion, like Easter and Christmas. He would tell us that if anyone didn't wish to participate, they could leave the room. And I did, and I was very proud of myself for doing so. But it's Texas. Of course I was the only one.


On another subject, may I applaud you for saying "my brother and me".  I would estimate about 98% if English speaking people get this wrong. They'll say "used to take my brother and I", or "my brother and myself".  Huge pet peeve for me.


G'nite, Erik.

re: grammar.


Jesuits don't get everything right, but grammar was one they did.

Welcome.  It is nice to see a fellow St. Louisan on the forum!
Hey Erik,

First, let me say that I love your city. I'm from Indianapolis but make regular trips to St. Louis. I love it there.

Also, as a fellow-new member, I'm glad you've joined. I hope you'll find it helpful!
Welcome to T|A!


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